Four-year college path not required for success

March 12, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

Every year, the price of a college tuition rises, which fuels the debate over whether or not a traditional, four-year higher education program is actually necessary for everyone. Because students can end up in such extreme debt, I think attending college is definitely not a required path for everyone. […]

Students should engage in open dialogue

March 5, 2019 Ariel Steinsaltz 1

‘We don’t want to talk about politics.” I hear this phrase pretty much everywhere I go. People often don’t want to get political because it’s not a particularly fun topic or because some might get offended. I understand — talking politics can be unpleasant […]

Letter to the Editor

March 5, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

Dear Editors, I am a journalism graduate of TCNJ and a former columnist for The Signal. Recently, the headline “Community grieves loss of College senior,” with a photo of a vibrant, happy-looking girl caught my […]

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