Campus responds to mental health programs

December 3, 2019 Jane Bowden 1

When Quint Meredith, a junior business management major at the College, began drinking at age 16 to help him socialize with other people, he didn’t think he’d develop substance use disorder, nor did he think recovery would ever be an option. […]

Community college deserves more respect

December 2, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

“Where are you going to college?” — a question that I avoided like the plague for three years. Why? Because I went to community college, or what many referred to it as “High School Part II,” to which people often responded with “Oh…that’s nice.” […]

New decade inspires reflection, hope

December 2, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

Binge-watching “The Office” on Netflix, sharing “forever alone” and “ermahgerd” memes on Tumblr and trading Silly Bandz like they were Pokémon cards — these are just a few of the things that defined the 2010s. […]

People shouldn’t celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving

November 21, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

I’m a big fan of celebrating every holiday to the maximum. From decorating my house with red hearts and pictures of Cupid for Valentine’s Day to wearing a Halloween costume to my classes, holidays are the perfect excuse to dress up my life and make my everyday routine a bit more exciting. […]

People should realize they’re not alone

September 30, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

When I transferred to the College last fall, I’ll be honest — I didn’t think I belonged at first. It wasn’t because the environment wasn’t welcoming or I thought I should’ve gone to another school; it was because I felt alone and different for being a transfer student. […]

Students should use person-first language

September 23, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

Anyone who has met me knows I’m passionate about mental health. As a member of the Collegiate Recovery Community, publicist of the Healing Arts Club and writer for my personal discovery and mental health blog, Your Friend Jane, I eat, sleep and breathe mental health every second of every day. […]

Interns should be paid for their work

September 16, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

Imagine sitting in the library every day studying your textbooks from cover to cover, taking out thousands of dollars in student loans and spending four to six years working toward your education, only to find out that the job of your dreams has a catch — you’ll work 40-hour weeks without getting a paycheck. […]

Seniors share goals to complete before graduating

September 3, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

For seniors at the College, this year brings a lot of lasts. The last time they’ll eat at Eickhoff Dining Hall, study into the early-morning hours at the library and organize campus events with their favorite clubs — their time at the College is winding down and there’s not much time left to do things as a student. […]

More people should eat vegetarian, vegan options

August 27, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

If you asked me years ago what my favorite food was, I would’ve said a hamburger. Medium-cooked beef topped with American cheese, lettuce and ketchup between a toasted bun — it was what I ate every time my family and I went out for dinner since I was born. […]

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