Dear World unites College community

May 2, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

“If you had to share one story with the rest of the world, what would you say?”

This question was introduced by Dear World, an interactive and award-winning portrait project that strives to unite people through pictures in their impactful and distinct message-on-skin style. […]

Senior showcase brings pride to IMM majors

May 2, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

The Arts and Interactive Multimedia building housed the senior showcase for IMM majors on Friday, April 28, which provided a stage for seniors to present thesis projects. Exhibits ranged from websites, video games, performances and physical installations. Each creator invited the public to interact with their displays. […]

Alumnus advises aspiring millionaires

May 1, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

Alumnus Bryan M. Kuderna’s “Millennial Millionaire: A Guide to Become a Millionaire by 30” is far from the average self-improvement book. It pinpoints understandable, applicable habits that can be established the moment you put down the book. Kuderna (‘09) expertly reaches a young audience by delivering sound financial advice combined with humor and historical insights. […]

Senior art students showcase array of creative works

May 1, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

The atmosphere was full of excitement as people began lining up outside the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building at around 1 p.m. The College’s new art gallery attracted alumni, students, family and friends with an inviting “welcome” sign outside the building. Everyone who attended the reception was offered free h’orderves along with refreshments. […]

Florida issues state of emergency due to fires

May 1, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

More than 115 wildfires burned in parts of Southwest and Central Florida as of Saturday, April 22, according to CNN. The fires, which have “already burned 250 percent more acreage in the first three months of 2017 than during the same period of time last year,” prompted Florida Governor Rick Scott to issue a state of emergency on April 11, according to the Governor’s official website. […]

‘Newtown’ documentary shows aftermath of the tragedy

April 25, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

The documentary included commentary from a few of the victims’ families, specifically from the families of 7-year-old Daniel Barden, 6-year-old Dylan Hockley and 6-year-old Benjamin Wheeler. Each of the families discuss how their lives have changed since the tragedy and how they plan to live for their children and honor their memories.

Noname’s mixtape ‘Telefone’ fuses rap and slam poetry

April 24, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

Noname’s use of this genre as a staple of her music marks a key difference in her style of rap in comparison to other popular female hip-hop artists. In short, it allows her to do what so many others in the genre fail to do in their attempts to mimic their more mainstream predecessors. She does not try to rap in the harsh, aggressive ways that are characteristic of some prominent female rappers like Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj, and the result is something raw and genuine, a refreshing and honest work of art. […]

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