April 5, 2020

Turks, Kurds need clarity from U.S.

April 22, 2003 Kate Bernyk 0

The Kurds have recently reclaimed the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, the claimed “Kurdish Jerusalem,” and are now ousting hundreds of Iraqi Arabs from the area. This places the U.S. in a very sticky situation, or maybe better stated in between a rock and a hard place. […]

Everyone should be keen on Kean

April 22, 2003 Dan Cuellar 0

On April 21, former Republican Gov. Thomas Kean celebrated his sixty-eighth birthday. I think it is highly appropriate to commemorate a person who was, in my opinion, the greatest and most respected governor in our state’s history.

The son of a congressman, Kean grew up in Washington, D. […]

U.S. should change war tactics in Iraq

April 15, 2003 Ronan Cotter 0

The war in Iraq seems to be pretty much over at this point, and none too soon for the Iraqi people. Saddam Hussein’s abuses of human rights are many, and there are few people genuinely sorry to see him go, whether they are on the right or the left.

By now, most people have heard of his regime’s policies when any opposition to his authority was encountered: genocidal assaults on his own countrymen, in which thousands of innocent civilians were killed; the use of torture on prisoners who were denied due process; the relatives of alleged criminals being publicly slaughtered as a warning to others. […]

As the head of Saddam falls, so does the regime

April 15, 2003 Dan Cuellar 0

In an amazing display of strategic, technological and military might, coalition forces arrived at the outskirts of Iraq’s capital in slightly less than three weeks.

Operation Iraqi Freedom has been carried out with remarkable effectiveness considering the sheer magnitude of the war. […]

Power to the protestors, dissenters

April 15, 2003 Jon Vuocolo 0

As a freelance reporter, I have covered anti-war protests, panel discussions on the war and pro-war, pro-troops events such as a military homecoming at McGuire Air Force Base. At every event where American policy was questioned, the participants or speakers asserted their patriotism and love of this country, arguing that there was nothing un-American about questioning American foreign policy or the actions of the President and administration. […]

Iraq is a safer place without Geraldo

April 8, 2003 Kate Bernyk 0

Not that I needed another reason to think that Geraldo Rivera is ridiculous, but he has gone and embarrassed the field of journalism once again.

If you haven’t heard, the Pentagon asked Rivera to leave Iraq after drawing pictures in the sand of U.S. […]

Morality can be just as hellish as war

April 8, 2003 Chris Wilson 0

This is about morality and its pervasive, erroneous influence on the current world situation. I come to you as an individual. I speak out against both warmongers and peace activists alike, for their continual deception and misleading of the public with their wretched points of view, all under the guise of so-called morality and virtues. […]

Losing the clock tower isn’t only reason to rally

April 8, 2003 Matt Richman 0

“Virtually all students asked about the logo change said they were against it,” read a sentence of the lead article about the logo change rally in the Trenton Times last Wednesday. The article went on to quote a College student who said, “Every little thing, there are rallies about. […]

Morris elections could mean better leadership

April 8, 2003 Dan Cuellar 0

On June 3, registered voters across New Jersey nominate candidates for both chambers of the N.J. state legislature. One race in Morris County is especially worth noting. Jay Webber, a Chatham attorney, is challenging Republican State Sen. Robert Martin in the twenty-sixth legislative district. […]

Graphic artist up in arms over change

April 1, 2003 John Riviello 0

When I first saw the new logo, I read it as “TNJC.” I doubt that I am the only person who read it that way.

If I did not already know it was supposed to read as “TCNJ,” I would be unsure as to what order the letters should read. A logo should create a clear sense of the organization it represents, not create confusion. […]

Support the troops, question the administration

April 1, 2003 Matt Richman 0

“Support our troops” seems to be the battle cry from those in power these days. Not support our President, not support this war, but support our troops.

Unfortunately, this insidious bit of propaganda lends tacit support to the actions of President Bush and his ruling coterie. […]

Iraq has what we want, and we want it now

Many of us stood by while the election was stolen. Many of us stood by as President Bush appointed an attorney general who has gone on record, according to Charisma Magazine, saying, “It’s said that we shouldn’t legislate morality.”

Well, we disagree, we think all we should legislate is morality. […]

From Gavin to Billy Joe, best albums of our time

April 1, 2003 Kate Bernyk 0

Ahh, the mid-90s. A time for most of us that meant neon was cool, as were birthday parties at roller rinks and bowling alleys, slouch socks were worn over your stretch pants (or easily substituted with acid wash jeans) and all your friends told you if you ate Pop Rocks with a Coke, your stomach would explode. […]

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