Alumna runs for Ewing Town Council

October 10, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

When Kate McKinley (’11) received a letter from Trenton Water Works six weeks ago that stated her water contained toxic chemicals, she began to think about the lack of transparency between local government and its residents. She then received a voting ballot in the mail and noticed that many Ewing candidates were running for office with no opposition. […]

Lions Plate: Cream Cheese Pumpkin Roll

October 9, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

A pre trick-or-treat party was a Halloween tradition in my neighborhood when I was growing up. It was the best way for parents to ensure we had something substantial in our bellies before filling up on candy for the rest of the night. Each family prepared their best fall-themed treat, and my mother collected the recipes. […]

Classic Signals: Students react to pro-life protest

October 9, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

TCNJ Students for Life planted blue and pink flags across green lawn last April in a displayed titled The Graveyard of Innocents. Each flag represented 10 fetuses that had been aborted in New Jersey in the past month. This display caused an uproar among pro-choice students, who decided to vandalize the display and post a video of the vandalization on social media. […]

Campus Style: Think pink

October 8, 2018 Lexy Yulich 0

October is finally here— the leaves are changing color, the air is getting crisp and it’s about time to bring out your boots and sweaters. In addition to fall festivities, October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are some tips for incorporating pops of pink into your outfits, allowing you to not only have some fun with your clothes, but also show your support for the cause. […]

Ewing residents flock to campus for community fest

October 2, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

Between clubs, schoolwork and social obligations, it is common for students at the College to become so wrapped up in campus life that they forget to engage with the larger community. This is where Ewing Community Fest — an annual festival featuring music, food trucks and representation from local businesses –– comes into play. […]

Lions Plate: Diner-Style Bread Pudding

October 2, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are of frequent trips to the local diner with my father. At the end of almost every meal, we would commemorate our trip by sharing a bowl of his favorite dessert, bread pudding. Weary of competing with our favorite diner’s recipe, I never ventured to make the treat again myself until recently. My inspiration to begin again was a loaf of Italian bread in my pantry that had begun to go stale. I set out to give it a second life and save it from ending up in the trash. […]

Campus Style: When to Save and When to Splurge

October 1, 2018 Lexy Yulich 0

When is it wise to splurge on an outfit and when is it smart to save and opt for a less expensive option? Knowing how to manage your money in college is crucial, and while there are some items you should invest in because of their quality and durability, there are some pieces of clothing and accessories that you don’t need to spend a large chunk of your paycheck on. Here are some easy tips to help you navigate the process. […]

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