Campus Style: Accessories Guide

October 16, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

Have you ever felt like your outfit could be taken up a few notches by adding something onto it to tie all the pieces of your outfit together? The answer is to accessorize. Accessories can range from belts to jewelry with everything in between like shoes and purses. For example, take a regular outfit that consists of blue jeans and a knit sweater. Tuck in the sweater, put on a black belt with a gold buckle and add a matching black purse or statement earrings, and your outfit just got taken up a few notches. […]

Lions’ Plate: Simple Pumpkin Coffee

October 16, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

A classic favorite for the fall weather is a pumpkin spice latte, but stopping by your local Starbucks every day will easily drain your wallet. On the days I have an extra minute in the morning, I open up a can of pumpkin puree and start making my own version of pumpkin coffee. […]

Campus Style: Layering Guide

October 1, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year. You hear the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet as you walk across campus and trips to the beach are replaced with weekend plans to pick apples and pumpkins. […]

Lions’ Plate: Simple Turkey Chili

September 30, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

This recipe is one of my favorites because it’s one of the first ones I’ve made myself. This chili is perfect for the days I don’t feel like cooking because I can throw everything in my crockpot and come back to it later. […]

Lions’ Plate: Homemade Guacamole

September 23, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

Guacamole is easily accessible in grocery stores, but it’s served in plastic containers and loaded with tons of excess ingredients. Though premade guacamole is flavorful, making it fresh will amplify the delicious taste of all the ingredients. […]

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