Active shooter training preps officers

March 20, 2017 Brielle Bryan 0

A trail of red sticky residue lined the floors and walls of the Bliss Hall Annex as gunshots resonated throughout the building. Luckily, the guns fired contained simunition, or non-lethal ammunition that left behind a water-soluble, color-marking compound. […]

Chabad and Hillel host Purim

March 17, 2017 Kayla Lafi 0

“Today we are celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim, which, like all Jewish holidays, is about people trying to kill us,” said David Lapidow, vice president of Chabad and a fifth-year career and community studies major. […]

Lions Plate: Mini chicken pot pies

March 14, 2017 Julia Dzurillay 0

As the snow melts and the flowers grow, the baking season begins to vanish. While I am the type of person who can eat soup all year round, some believe that the spring season dictates meals. Some of the best comfort foods are not enjoyed once spring rolls around, but I say throw that idea out the window. […]

Campus Style: Fashion at the Oscars

March 4, 2017 Jillian Greene 0

Stars strutted the red carpet on Feb. 26 at the annual Academy Awards. If you missed it, no need to panic — I will catch you up on the fashion you missed. On the red carpet, celebrities showed off their fashion choices, posed for photos and talked to reporters. The first question every reporter asks: “Who are you wearing?” […]

Lions Plate: Caramel Corn

March 4, 2017 Julia Dzurillay 0

It’s 3 p.m. and you’re hungry, but it’s too early for dinner and too late for lunch. What should you eat? Sometimes a good snack is all you need to transform your afternoon, and caramel corn is the perfect solution to tame your sweet and salty cravings. This recipe is quick, simple and made from ingredients found entirely on campus. I recommend treating yourself to this tasty treat. […]

Classic Signals: A party scene is lacking at the College

March 2, 2017 Alyssa Gautieri 0

A student wrote an opinion for The Signal in 2001 about the College’s lack of a party scene. Since the beginning, the College was never considered a party school. Even now many students would agree that the College could be more exciting on the weekends. The recent addition of Campus Town has helped to liven up the campus, but should the College be doing more to encourage students to stay on campus on the weekends? […]

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