USA Olympic gymnastics team members report abuse

February 4, 2020 Signal Contributor 0

Former gymnasts stepped into the national spotlight on Thursday, Jan. 30. The victims received a settlement of $215 million from U.S.A. Gymnastics for the legal claims brought forth about the sexual abuse and misconduct of former national team doctor Larry Nassar, according to The New York Times. […]

Two Dead In Houston Explosion

January 27, 2020 Ian Krietzberg 0

An explosion in an industrial building shook the city of Houston in the early hours of Friday morning, killing two workers and severely damaging more than 200 homes and businesses in a shockwave that stretched nearly 14 miles from its point of inception, according to the Houston Chronicle. […]

Trump impeachment trial progresses

January 27, 2020 Ariel Steinsaltz 0

Donald Trump’s historic Dec. 18 impeachment has moved to the Senate chambers. The official trial, which began on Jan. 21, began with a fierce debate over the rules that would govern the trial, according to the Washington Post. […]

Anti-Government protests in Beirut turn violent

January 27, 2020 Sarah Adamo 0

On Saturday Jan. 18, the Beirut demonstrations led by hundreds of anti-government protesters faced tear gas and water cannons unleashed by the Lebanese police in what is being described as the finale to a “week of rage.” This is the culmination of many months of government adversaries petitioning officials for change, according to CNN. […]

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