Washington’s troops marched near campus

February 21, 2017 Signal Contributor 1

Successful individuals stepping foot on the College’s campus is far from out of the ordinary, but there may have been one that trumps them all: George Washington.

As part of Anthropology Day on Thursday, Feb. 16, Professor of anthropology George Leader took to the Social Sciences Building on Friday, Feb. 17, to present his case as to whether or not Washington once walked on the College’s soil. […]

Speaker criticizes US criminal justice system

February 21, 2017 Thomas Infante 0

An esteemed criminologist spoke in the Library Auditorium on Wednesday, Feb. 15, about the increase in incarcerations, racism in criminal justice and the decrease in crime in a presentation entitled “The Changing Environment for Criminal Justice Reform.”

Lost wallet in Lot 5 waylays student

February 21, 2017 Brielle Bryan 0

On Feb. 9 at approximately 5:30 p.m., a female student reported to Campus Police that she lost her wallet. The student believed she lost her wallet on Feb. 8 between 10:15 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. after leaving an event in Kendall Hall, according to Campus Police. […]

Journalism program in midst of major changes

February 14, 2017 Elizabeth Zakaim 0

As recent as the Spring 2016 semester, the College’s journalism website was unheard of until it was accidentally unearthed from the College’s homepage. It was just a small extension of the English department that was buried under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Aspire High teaches eager middle schoolers about college life

February 14, 2017 George Tatoris 0

Seventy students from Carteret, Franklin and Lakewood middle schools woke up early on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 10, for long bus ride into Ewing.

The students were a part of the Aspire High Youth program, a nonprofit devoted to showing underprivileged youth aged 10 through 17 the many pathways to college available to them by visiting campuses across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. […]

Several bicycles snatched from students

February 14, 2017 Brielle Bryan 0

• On Feb. 5 at approximately 1:10 a.m., a Campus Police officer was dispatched to a women’s restroom in Wolfe Hall on the report of an intoxicated female. Upon arrival, the officer observed the student lying on the ground with vomit on her face and in her hair. A strong odor of alcohol emanated from the student’s breath, and she had a hard time speaking coherently. After attempting to speak to the student several times, she finally responded to the officer, saying, “Fuck. Fucker. I drank a lot tonight,” according to Campus Police. The student continued to spit up on the ground, as well as herself, as she told the officer that she was at an off-campus “highlighter” party hosted by Sigma Pi. The student had bright orange highlighter ink on her boots, according to police reports. She said she “drank lots of shit” in the residence hall before the party. Ewing Township EMS arrived on the scene and transported the student for further treatment and evaluation. The female student was issued a summons for underage drinking, police said. […]

Involvement fair gets cold shoulder

February 14, 2017 Ellie Schuckman 0

Small crowds, a few booths and a snow day defined the Spring 2017 Student Involvement Fair.

For the first time, campus organizations were split up over the course of four nights — Monday, Feb. 6, to Thursday, Feb. 9 — based on common topics or interests. […]

Campaign hits $40 million milestone

February 8, 2017 Connor Smith 0

When the College began The Campaign for TCNJ four years ago, consultants claimed it would be difficult to raise $25 million by June 2017, according to College Spokesperson Dave Muha. Instead, the College nearly doubled that estimate — with four months to spare.

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