Vital Signs: Stay one step ahead of germs

September 18, 2018 Anna Kellaher 0

With the new school year comes the exciting world of dorm rooms and communal showers. You may think that you’ve unpacked and purchased everything you need, but there’s one essential thing you may have forgotten –– shower shoes. 

Intoxicated student urinates on himself

September 17, 2018 Brielle Bryan 0

At approximately 11 p.m., Campus Police responded to a report of an intoxicated male on J Street behind Wolfe Hall on Sept. 11. The officer found the male student sitting on the ground heavily intoxicated. Upon arrival, the officer observed the male student on the ground, wearing no shirt and a garbage bag in lieu of pants.

Student organizations face fundraising policy changes

September 17, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

The Office of Student Involvement and the Office of Student Affairs have developed new policies for recognized student organizations this academic year, including the requirement to fundraise solely through the Student Finance Board, the restriction of using Venmo during any transaction in a fundraiser and restrictions on selling food during fundraisers.

Vital Signs: Limit your screen time

September 10, 2018 Lily Firth 0

No one can escape excessive screen time because it is necessary to function in today’s society. What is scary about this new norm is that it happened so quickly, leaving scientists scrambling to find if excessive screen time is dangerous to our health in the long run. […]

College revises biology program

September 4, 2018 Lily Firth 0

A new generation of biology professionals will soon graduate from the College, and employers are looking to hire more well-rounded candidates. In the past, this tended to put stress on students studying biology at the College, because the strict and rigorous program made it difficult to add minors, which would add more diversity to their resumés and experiences.

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