Sexual assault greatly impacts politics

October 31, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

Those most disgusted by Trump’s comments about women in a tape that surfaced on Friday, Oct. 7, are those who never really liked him in the first place. On the other hand, the people who emphasize Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assaults are likely to believe that Hillary Clinton should be in prison. […]

Some say american democracy is on the decline

October 24, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

During every election, one cannot help but notice the political advertisements that tout the various candidates’ policy proposals. Inevitably, these ads contain plans such as “standing up to Wall Street” and “simplifying the tax code,” which have been recycled by other politicians for nearly half a century now. […]

College officials respond to CAPS article

October 24, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

College mental health has been under the national microscope for several years now, and for good reason. Studies show that the level of anxiety, depression and inability to cope with stress, loss and failure is alarmingly high. The concerns that bring students into counseling centers across the country are more urgent than ever before and increasing in frequency. […]

Students share opinions around campus

October 17, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Does America’s political system work for the people?” “No, there’s a level of dishonesty within both of the political parties.” “No, because no one wants the two potential candidates to be elected, so we don’t […]

Apple makes major changes to iPhone 7

September 26, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

After Apple’s iPhone 7 hit the shelves on Tuesday, Sept. 13, it has received mixed reviews from critics. The biggest issue consumers seem to have with the new product is the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. However, the removal of that 50-year-old technology was actually a brilliant move. […]

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