Online shopping: better than leaving the house?

September 3, 2016 Tom Ballard 0

Shopping can often be a painstaking series of events. A person has to plan a time to go out, drive to the store, browse the aisles in hopes of finding the items they seek, wait in line to check out and then drive back home. In a time where convenience and ease of use are in high demand, though, it is no surprise that people are seeking an alternative way to shop in order to avoid wasting time. […]

Apple’s emoji change won’t make impact

September 3, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

Apple recently announced its decision to replace the pistol emoji with a green squirt gun as a symbolic stance in America’s ongoing debate regarding gun control. However, this change reflects more on Apple’s stance on the First Amendment than the Second Amendment. […]

Media’s portrayal of race marginalizes minorites

September 3, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

The country is still plagued by an unspoken racial binary that divides people into black and white categories. Latinos, Asians and Native Americans are simply put into the “other” category. This racial binary has caused the underrepresentation and inaccurate portrayal of other minorities in the media.

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