Community college deserves more respect

December 2, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

“Where are you going to college?” — a question that I avoided like the plague for three years. Why? Because I went to community college, or what many referred to it as “High School Part II,” to which people often responded with “Oh…that’s nice.” […]

People shouldn’t celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving

November 21, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

I’m a big fan of celebrating every holiday to the maximum. From decorating my house with red hearts and pictures of Cupid for Valentine’s Day to wearing a Halloween costume to my classes, holidays are the perfect excuse to dress up my life and make my everyday routine a bit more exciting. […]

False expectations plague college experience

November 12, 2019 Signal Contributor 1

It’s easy to fall into the trap of having high expectations for the long-awaited four years of college. I remember being a freshman in high school and hearing my upperclassmen friends excitedly talk about which schools they were applying to as they counted down to graduation. […]

People should not be afraid of emotions

November 5, 2019 Richard Miller 0

‘Living your best life’ promotes false happiness Richard Miller Opinions Editor From a young age, our parents tell us “don’t cry” and “there’s nothing to be sad about.” We’re taught as children that our automatic […]

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