Brockhampton showcases skill in ‘Saturation’ trilogy

February 12, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

Self-proclaimed boyband Brockhampton released three projects, titled “Saturation,” “Saturation II” and “Saturation III” in 2017. Heavily influenced by both hip-hop and pop music, the collective of rappers, singers and artists have created a diverse array of songs that exhibit their versatility in both genres. […]

Timberlake gets lost in ‘Man of the Woods’ album

February 12, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

Justin Timberlake has dominated the billboard charts several times since the genesis of his career with unforgettable songs like “Sexyback” and “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Back in the spotlight, Timberlake has returned with his fifth studio album “Man of the Woods,” released on Feb. 2. […]

Minhaj lights up Night of Comedy

February 5, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

Touching on topics like immigration, the refugee crisis, terrorism and racism, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” correspondent Hasan Minhaj graced the audience of Kendall Hall, with a politically charged comedy show co-hosted by the College Union Board and the Muslim Student Association on Friday, Feb. 2. […]

Talented trio takes a bow and bellows

February 5, 2018 Heidi Cho 0

Three tight-knit musicians turned a frigid evening into a heartwarming and breathtaking night at Bellows and Bows: A Potpourri of Chamber Works for Violin, Cello, and Accordion in the Mayo Concert Hall on Saturday, Feb. 3. […]

‘2018 Grammys trips over red carpet’

February 5, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

The biggest night in music, better known as the Grammy Awards, aired live on Jan. 28 from New York City, and proved to be another misfortunate evening. A lack of diversity remained within this year’s selection of winners. Since 2017, the award show’s ratings have dropped tremendously for a few reasons. […]

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