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Editor-in-Chief Chelsea LoCascio

Chelsea LoCascioChelsea is a senior journalism and sociology double major. She has been involved with The Signal since she transferred to the College during her freshman year. In the past, Chelsea has served as managing editor, news editor, opinions editor, production manager and features assistant. She is currently a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society, and Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honor society.

She previously interned for Bauser Media Group, a video production company in Princeton where she helped work on New Jersey Education Association’s television show “Classroom Close-up NJ” and even briefly appeared in an episode. Chelsea also interned at a magazine company in New York City, Niche Media. In the rare instance that she has time to kill, she is either watching a documentary, reading or deciding what dog to get after graduation.

Managing Editor­ — Connor Smith

Connor is a sophomore journalism major with an interactive multimedia minor. He began writing for The Signal in September of his freshman year. Connor previously served as news editor, sports editor, social media editor and beat writer.

Connor is interested in both news reporting and feature writing, as well as filming video documentaries and taking photos. Connor follows most major sports and is no stranger to Around the Dorm. He enjoys movies, TV and books of most genres. Connor hopes his time as managing editor will reflect his passion for clever storytelling and diligent reporting.

News Editor George Tatoris 

George TatorisAfter three long years, George, a journalism and interactive multimedia double major, is free from the sports section. No longer will he have to pretend to know about sports or the many, many strange statistics that one must know by heart to be a sports writer. This semester, George will be sitting at the news editor’s desk because he is now the news editor.

George started his Signal career as a sports beat writer and ascended the corporate ladder to sports assistant, then sports editor. For one summer, he worked at the Courier News and Home News Tribune as an editorial assistant. When not working at The Signal, George reads, plays guitar and banjo and thinks about The Signal.

Sports Editor — Miguel Gonzalez

Miguel GonzalezMiguel is a sophomore journalism and professional writing major with a minor in political science. Miguel jumped to The Signal in his first semester as the field hockey beat writer. Since then, he has been a beat writer for softball, men’s soccer and currently men’s basketball. With his appointment to sports editor last semester, Miguel strived to quickly learn his position (and now knows why deadlines are important).

Outside of the newspaper, Miguel volunteers for Student United Way and serves as a junior facilitator for the Leadership Development Program. Miguel loves watching sports and funny YouTube videos. Miguel’s day is never finished until he has seen some dank memes.


Features Editor Alyssa Gautieri

IMG_6304Alyssa is a junior English major with minors in professional writing and marketing. Alyssa got involved with The Signal at the start of her sophomore year and has previously served as the paper’s production manager. She is also a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society.

During the week, Alyssa works at the College’s tutoring center as a writing, French and English tutor. When Alyssa isn’t working, she usually wastes her free time watching videos of puppies, binge-watching Netflix or eating ice cream.

Arts & Entertainment Editor — Thomas Infante

Tom InfanteThomas is a sophomore journalism and professional writing major with a philosophy minor. He began working for The Signal in his freshman year where he wrote a number of articles as a staff writer before serving as the reviews editor. He then began to contribute regularly to the section and soon became interested in the variety of topics within the realm of arts and entertainment journalism.

With The Signal, he has covered a multitude of events and subjects in his writing, ranging from the College’s 2016 Fall Concert to The Vagina Monologues. Aside from journalism, Thomas enjoys listening to music whenever he can. He has been playing the guitar since he was 15, and some would say that he’s actually pretty good. His other hobbies include reading and watching “Planet Earth” with his roommates.

Opinions Editor Mia Ingui

Mia InguiMia, a freshman journalism and professional writing major, is excited to be working as The Signal’s opinions editor. Even before she arrived at the College, she knew that she wanted to become a part of The Signal staff and is honored to have been welcomed in so quickly.

Before she was the opinions editor, Mia served as the managing assistant and a staff writer to the paper and loved it. Now, she humbly accepts her duty as the opinions editor of The Signal and hopes to make the people of TCNJ proud. Mia intends to have a career in the field of journalism and hopes to pen her own book one day soon.

When she is not covering an event, she is cooking, reading or listening to the 1975, or you can find her onstage, as she is a part of TCNJ Musical Theatre and a faithful theater nerd.

Nation & World Editor Michelle Lampariello

Michelle LamparielloMichelle is a freshman public and mass communication studies major. This is her second semester of involvement with The Signal, and she has previously held the position of features assistant.

Michelle is also a member of College Union Board and Circle K. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her friends.


Reviews Editor — Elizabeth Zakaim

Lizzie ZakaimElizabeth is a sophomore and current open options student looking to double major in journalism and psychology. She started writing for The Signal her first semester of freshman year and hasn’t stopped since. She is now reviews editor for The Signal and cannot wait to become even more involved with the paper. When she is not writing, Elizabeth can be found rehearsing with the Treblemakers, the all-female a cappella group on campus, or analyzing poetry for the College’s literary magazine, Lion’s Eye.

Production Manager Brielle Bryan

Brielle BryanBrielle is a sophomore marketing major with a minor in journalism. She began writing stories for The Signal in the first semester of her freshman year. She is a member of College Chorale and has had the opportunity to sing Christmas music with the Philadelphia Orchestra on three separate occasions. She is also an active member of the Entrepreneurship Club.

Brielle works as a waitress at two different restaurant establishments: JB’s 57 Diner in Manchester, NJ, and Basile’s Italian Restaurant in Freehold, NJ. In the past, she has worked as a sales associate at Express at Freehold Raceway Mall.

When Brielle isn’t waitressing or writing stories for the features and nation & world sections, she is most likely to be found singing along to classic ’80s music, holding her black cat named Bruce Wayne or watching her favorite shows on The CW.

Web Editor Kyle Elphick

Kyle ElphickKyle is a sophomore journalism and professional writing major. He has served as a staff writer for The Signal since his freshman year. He primarily covers news, arts & entertainment and reviews.

Kyle is currently a member of both TCNJ Musical Theatre and All College Theatre.

Social Media Editor Ashton Leber

Ashton LeberAshton is a junior journalism and professional writing major. She transferred to the College this past fall and has been writing for the paper ever since. In her spare time, she volunteers at the EASEL Animal Rescue League and works part time at All Good Dogs Daycare.

Ashton also interns for GreenGale Publishing. She can be found binge-watching “Shameless” or “Gossip Girl” for the millionth time, and obsessing over her cat.

Photo Editor — Jason Proleika

Jason ProleikaJason is a graphic design major with an interactive multimedia minor. He has a passion for both photography and web design that he carries into most everything he does. Jason joined The Signal in 2017 as the photo editor, the position he holds currently. He is also the vice president of the Student Film Union.
Jason loves to waste his time learning about the web, games and the “internet of things,” and wants to pursue a career in web design and development.

Business Manager — Tom Munnia

Tom MunniaTom is a sophomore business major. This is his first semester working for The Signal. For many years he has always been intrigued by business and is now happy he is in a position to explore that. Tom hopes to use The Signal as an outlet to let him grow in the business field. Along with working at The Signal, Tom is also an active brother of the Phi Alpha Delta fraternity. Some of Tom’s hobbies include playing chess, watching movies and TV shows and going to the beach.



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