College can better address mental health

May 2, 2017 Kelly Corbett 0

I thought I’d use this piece to list a few easy solutions that the College and Counseling and Psychological Services should take into consideration for bettering mental health on campus. Spoiler: they don’t involve construction or additional funds. […]

TCNJ Clinic Director responds to article on clinic closing

December 10, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

The TCNJ Clinic staff would like to respond to the article published in The Signal on Wednesday, Dec. 7, titled “Clinic Staff Upset over Closing.” While the headline is true and we are deeply saddened that the Clinic will not be around next year to assist students and community members in need of long-term counseling, this story does not accurately reflect all the issues. […]

Some aspects of on-campus life are annoying

November 28, 2016 Connor Smith 0

n most cases, the College treats students living on campus well. The rooms are cozy enough, the food is passable and the campus usually looks splendid. That said, a few minor changes could go a long way toward improving the overall experience. […]

College officials respond to CAPS article

October 24, 2016 Signal Contributor 0

College mental health has been under the national microscope for several years now, and for good reason. Studies show that the level of anxiety, depression and inability to cope with stress, loss and failure is alarmingly high. The concerns that bring students into counseling centers across the country are more urgent than ever before and increasing in frequency. […]

Students share opinions around campus

October 17, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Does America’s political system work for the people?” “No, there’s a level of dishonesty within both of the political parties.” “No, because no one wants the two potential candidates to be elected, so we don’t […]

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