Student utilizes summer for political internship

September 23, 2015 Signal Contributor 0

After completing my first year as a political science student at the College, I started learning the foundation of politics and how competitive the major can be. Between all of the cookouts, pool parties and roller coasters this past summer, I was able to squeeze in an internship experience that has become my first step toward a career.

Public education system severely flawed

April 30, 2015 Ellie Schuckman 0

For all of us here at the College, education is what got us to this point in our lives. For many, public education in particular is what we’ve all known since kindergarten. We’ve grown up learning from teachers who were once students, and we’ve sat in desks for hours on end waiting for the saving grace of the dismissal bell to ring. We’ve all aspired to be something, whether it’d be an astronaut, rockstar, police officer, doctor or even a teacher. However, with a rise in standardized testing, many have come to loathe the current education system, and some are now even opposed to becoming teachers at all.

This is wrong […]

Grant programs lead to lower unemployment

November 6, 2013 Courtney Wirths 0

Employee training programs funded by government grants, such as the Opportunity4Jersey Training Grant Program, decrease the opportunity cost of obtaining additional education or training for workers and provide trained workers to employers. As a result of the increased training and lowered cost, frictional unemployment decreases. […]

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