Campus Style: Switch up your wardrobe

November 12, 2018 Lexy Yulich 0

If you’re anything like me, you get easily bored with your clothes and you are always looking for new trends and different ways to switch up your wardrobe. Usually, revamping your wardrobe and experimenting can be expensive, but that does not always need to be the case. Here are four easy ways to change up your style and experiment with fashion without breaking the bank. […]

Campus Style: Fall Jacket Guide

November 5, 2018 Lexy Yulich 0

Picture this — you’re just about ready to walk to class in a cozy sweater, jeans and boots. You grab your backpack and walk outside when the cold air smacks you in the face, making you question why you didn’t dress warmer. Even though it is a short walk, you still need a jacket to keep you warm. Here are five popular and practical jackets to help you prepare for the colder days ahead. […]

Lions Plate: Classic Italian Struffoli

November 5, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

While Halloween lovers sadly pack away their cobwebs and candy bowls until next year, Christmas fanatics are anything but upset as the weather gets colder. For many, the first day of November means it is finally socially acceptable to turn up the volume on the holiday music they have been quietly listening to, light up their winter candles they had stashed away and cuddle up to watch “A Christmas Story.” While I am still looking forward to my favorite holiday this month, Thanksgiving, I had to share one of my favorite recipes for those already in the Christmas spirit. […]

Students win $10,000 in sales contest

November 5, 2018 Jane Bowden 0

A team of six business students won first place in AT&T’s National Sales Competition in Dallas on Oct. 19. The team beat out 30 other highly-competitive schools, winning scholarship money, professional opportunities and a $10,000 check toward the College’s School of Business. […]

Lions Plate: Autumn Apple Crisp

October 29, 2018 Shannon Deady 0

With brisk weather creeping in quickly this season, there are only a few weeks left to take advantage of prime apple picking season. Terhune Orchards of Princeton is a popular place for anything and everything fall themed, from apple and pumpkin picking to enjoying some apple cider or a hayride. It is completely normal to go a little overboard and leave with more fruit than you would buy on an average trip to the grocery store. […]

Classic Signals: Presidents push for progress

October 29, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

For some, homecoming is a time of nostalgia — some alumni come to reflect on their time at the school they once knew as Trenton State College, while others reconnect with old friends. This fall’s Homecoming Spirit Week was an opportunity for the campus community to reunite with alumni, showcase school spirit and get to know our new president, Kathryn Foster. […]

Campus Style: Easy Halloween Costumes

October 29, 2018 Lexy Yulich 0

Some people have had their Halloween costume planned since the beginning of September, while others wait until the day before to decide what to wear — I’m someone who always waits until the last minute to decide what my costume is going to be. Here are five simple and easy costumes that are affordable, easy to find in stores and quick to assemble. […]

Prisoners discuss life before incarceration

October 24, 2018 Signal Contributor 1

Keisha was the MVP of her basketball team for three years as a highschooler, but by the time she got to St. Peter’s University, she had slipped into habits like drinking and smoking. Soon enough, she was selling drugs, which landed her a 20-year prison sentence. […]

LGBTQ+ students honored at Lavender Convocation

October 24, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

Seen as a perfect chance to celebrate incoming and returning members of the LGBTQ+ community at the beginning of their time at TCNJ, PRISM and Student Government co-sponsored the first annual Lavender Convocation with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on Oct. 12 in the Brower Student Center. […]

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