Campus Town businesses gear up for spring semester

February 2, 2020 Jesse Stiller 0

The cool, modern atmosphere and scent of blended fruit at Frutta Bowls in the College’s Campus Town is calm, refreshing and tempting enough to make anyone crave a smoothie or a bowl. Across the street, the warm, friendly environment of the RedBerry Frozen Yogurt and Smoothie Bar has a similar aroma, attracting customers with bright colors and a clean, slick interior. […]

At the College, adult students are overlooked

January 28, 2020 Emmy Liederman 0

Tim Reagan is a 42-year-old from Princeton, New Jersey, a father of three children and an education student at the College. After struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck as a farmer, he decided it was time to go back to school. Reagan is now pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. […]

Lions’ Plate: Refreshing Kale Salad

January 27, 2020 Elizabeth Casalnova 0

It’s officially the start of the spring semester, which for most means getting back into a healthy routine after all of the winter holidays. This salad is my go-to lunch on days I want to feel satisfied but not weighed down. Salads are so versatile and ingredients can be swapped to fit your taste. I didn’t like the taste of raw kale until I learned how to prepare it properly. Now it’s my favorite base for a salad, and it has more nutritional value than iceberg lettuce.

Classic Signal: Clothing trends face quick changes

January 27, 2020 Liya Davidov 0

As we begin a new semester in a new decade, it’s about time we reflect on the good, the bad and the trendy. When looking back on cultural changes throughout the years, focusing on the evolution of fashion is inevitable. Are ladies wearing too high of heels? Are they cropping any new clothing? Are guys leaning toward dressier or more casual attire? In a fast-moving fashion world, today’s biggest trends will be out of style before we know it.

Campus Style: Trends to leave in 2019

January 27, 2020 Marina Zupko 1

2019’s biggest fashion trends, from chunky sneakers to flashy sunglasses, have taken over our closets by storm. It is far too easy to jump on the bandwagon in the fashion world, and when college students across the nation latch onto these popular looks, before you know it, everyone on campus is dressing the same way. […]

Senior leads Lions Television, Student Film Union to success

December 2, 2019 Signal Contributor 0

Two rows of large computer panels that look like a set of props scientists would control in a sci-fi flick are sitting in a studio. As a student enters, he walks back-and-forth between three rooms, he meticulously places various keys and knobs into specific positions that change the colors and messages appearing on the consoles located in the main room. […]

New decade inspires reflection, hope

December 2, 2019 Jane Bowden 0

Binge-watching “The Office” on Netflix, sharing “forever alone” and “ermahgerd” memes on Tumblr and trading Silly Bandz like they were Pokémon cards — these are just a few of the things that defined the 2010s. […]

Lions Plate: Sweet Apple Pie

December 2, 2019 Elizabeth Casalnova 0

In my household, there was always a debate on Thanksgiving about apple and pumpkin pie. For my final recipe of the semester, I am sharing a delicious apple pie recipe. Unlike the pumpkin, the apple pie is best when served warm. A fun trick I learned is to put it back in the oven while we eat dinner — that way it’s nice and hot by dessert. In my opinion, the apple pie tastes best when smothered in vanilla ice cream, but you can eat it with whatever you like best. […]

Campus Style: Colors in Fashion

December 2, 2019 Diana Solano 0

During the cold winter season, it’s easy to fill a closet with hoodies, sweatpants and moccasins, and it’s even easier to throw on basic outfits under a parka when snow starts to fall. I love comfy clothes as much as the next person, but I think it’s time that we all get out of our relationship with sweats. Colors can be a little intimidating to add to one’s closet. However, if we set our fears aside, we will discover a whole new world of fashion. These colors are not only trendy, but they are important in showing what you stand for. […]

Classic Signals: Students learn how to de-stress before finals

December 2, 2019 Viktoria Ristanovic 0

As finals and flu season approach us, it’s important for students to remember how to relax their minds and bodies in order to avoid getting stressed and sick. Yes, finals season is the worst, but it’s important to allow yourself to release some stress and enjoy the little things, such as grabbing coffee with a friend, laughing about how much you have to do and blowing off some steam at the gym with a friend. […]

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