Campaign hits $40 million milestone

February 8, 2017 Connor Smith 0

When the College began The Campaign for TCNJ four years ago, consultants claimed it would be difficult to raise $25 million by June 2017, according to College Spokesperson Dave Muha. Instead, the College nearly doubled that estimate — with four months to spare.

Speaker reveals what’s buzzing with bumble bees

February 7, 2017 Signal Contributor 0

Students learned a new word on Friday, Feb. 3 — “umwelt.”

Anne Leonard, an assistant professor of ecology evolution and conservation biology at the University of Nevada, Reno, explained the term at the College’s first Brown Bag of the semester, “Exploring the sensory world of bees through science and art.”

The term refers to the different ways animals experience the world — a key component of Leonard’s research. […]

Construction projects to last through summer

February 7, 2017 George Tatoris 0

Campus construction has become an ubiquitous part of life at the College. From the fenced-off and refurbished Brower Student Center to the hollowed-out halls of the new STEM Building to the bare-windowed storefronts of Campus Town, the College seems to be under perpetual construction. […]

Ring to be destroyed, hobbits not involved

February 7, 2017 Brielle Bryan 0

A wedding band found on the sidewalk of Kendall Hall was turned into Campus Police in 2015. Inscribed on the inside of the wedding band are the names “Richard & Lorra.” According to Campus Police, the band appears to belong to a female and to be around a size 7. Campus Police have posted the wedding band on their Facebook page and must discard of it soon due to protocol. Campus Police ask that anybody with information about the ring contact them directly. […]

Students stand by refugees in crisis

February 7, 2017 Chelsea LoCascio 0

When President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Jan. 27 that suspended immigration and restricted entry into the U.S. for nationals from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, it hit people like Abrar Ebady “like a ton of bricks.” […]

Students glean insight into antibiotic resistance

January 31, 2017 George Tatoris 0

Antibiotic resistance was the topic of the biology department’s first Colloquium seminar this semester. Alita Miller, head of biology at Entasis Therapeutics, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca that focuses on the early stages of drug development, spoke to students and faculty about her research on Friday, Jan. 27, in room 101 of the Physics Building. […]

Lack of students freezes Campus Town business

January 24, 2017 George Tatoris 0

Every year is the same. December comes around and finals week hits, the air grows colder, the nights longer and each day another cluster of students escape to the warmth of their homes, leaving an increasingly empty campus behind them. It’s higher education in hibernation.

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