New Jersey Teacher of the year speaks at College

February 27, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

This year’s recipient of the New Jersey State Teacher of the Year award and 2018 National Teacher of the Year finalist Amy Andersen spoke to a large crowd of students, most of whom were some type of education major, about the fulfillment of working in the deaf education field in the Education Building Room 115 on Feb. 20. […]

Gun debate stigmatizes mental health

February 27, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

Mass shootings in the U.S. have produced a staggering number of victims in the last decade. No place seems exempt, from the 20 Newtown, Connecticut first grade students and faculty members in 2012 to the 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas last October, and now the 17 people at a Florida high school on Feb. 14. […]

‘Black Panther’ pounces over barriers

February 26, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

No recent film has managed to penetrate today’s cultural zeitgeist the way the film “Black Panther” has since its debut on Feb. 16. Many factors contribute to what is being dubbed a cultural movement — from the almost entirely black cast on the international stage to the representation of a fictional African country with advanced technology. […]

Lions finish regular season with win

February 19, 2018 Signal Contributor 0

While Rutgers University-Newark celebrated senior night on Feb. 14, the Lions celebrated their 20th win in the regular season finale, 57-41.

The win marks the first time the women’s basketball team achieved 20 wins since the 2008-09 season, in which the Lions advanced to the NCAA Division III Final Four.

The Lions’ dominance came in quarter-long spurts, beginning in the first 10 minutes of the game. Sophomore forward Jen Byrne opened things up for the College with three consecutive field goals while displaying her range and scoring creativity. The first basket came from a layup down at the paint, followed by a three-pointer and a mid-range jump shot. […]

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