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Student travels to Tanzania for volunteer work

By Nicole DeStefano

Most college students ring in the New Year in a similar way — with a night of celebration surrounded by friends and family. This was certainly not the case for senior management major Gregorio Perri, who arrived in Tanzania, Africa, on New Year’s Eve and kicked off the new year with volunteer work 7,000 miles away from home.

Perri left his comfort zone and familiar faces behind as he headed to Tanzania. The trip, which lasted 17 days, was put together by New Zealand-based volunteer organization, International Volunteer HQ. It was Perri’s desire to make the most of his last break before graduating from the College in May 2016 that motivated him to join the volunteer trip. Continue reading

Rebuilding continues in New Orleans

By Elizabeth Zakaim
Signal Contributor

Junior psychology major Megan Vantslot spent part of her winter break cleaning bullets and heroin needles out of a bathtub in New Orleans, La., a city that is still trying to recover from the devastating Hurricane Katrina that tore it apart over 10 years ago. Vantslot is a member of the College’s Alternative Break Club (ABC). She is just one of the many students that volunteered over break rebuilding and repairing homes in New Orleans.

Vantslot participated in the New Orleans trip for the first time this year, although ABC has been running the trip for over seven years. This year, the students traveled down to New Orleans on Saturday, Jan. 9, and returned home on Sunday, Jan. 17. Although the trip lasted for eight days, only five days were spent volunteering. The other three days were allocated for traveling between New Orleans and New Jersey.
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New Year’s resolutions: Endless broken promises

By Niki Taneja

When the new year is rung in, the tradition is to kiss that special someone you’ve had your eye on all night and set some cliché goal for yourself on which you never actually follow through. We make these resolutions in hopes to add some positivity to the start of our year and to motivate ourselves for the better. “New Year, New Me” is what most hope to accomplish with these resolutions, but what seems to happen is a case of disappointment by the time March comes around. Continue reading

College bookstore should be more affordable

The bookstore is covered in College themed merchandise.  (Kim Iannarone/ Photo Editor)
The bookstore is covered in College themed merchandise. (Kim Iannarone/ Photo Editor)

By Gerard Freda

If the College wants to continue to attract the best students from New Jersey and elsewhere, we need to make as many people aware of our name as possible. I know there are occasional sales, but lowering the price of school gear at the College’s Barnes & Noble bookstore for an extended amount of time would undoubtedly increase purchases and, in turn, the amount of people wearing the letters “TCNJ.” This would ideally increase the general public’s awareness of our school.

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People take Black Friday shopping to the extreme

Millions of shoppers pack retail stores across the U.S. every Black Friday. (AP Photo)
Millions of shoppers pack retail stores across the U.S. every Black Friday. (AP Photo)

By Kevin Shaw

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with the ones we love, eat the food we enjoy and be thankful for the things we are lucky enough to have — until 6:00 p.m., at least, when stores like Walmart and Target open their doors to Black Friday shoppers.

Thousands of Americans, and people all over the world, push, shove and smash their way toward fantastic deals on commercial goods mere hours after being thankful for everything they already have. During the holiday season, Black Friday shouldn’t be so prevalent. Continue reading

Campus Style

By Patricia Wilcox

Name: Christine Yarish
Year: Senior
Major: English and secondary education

This week, I asked Christine Yarish, a senior English and secondary education dual major, about her style for the upcoming transition from fall to winter.

Yarish radiates style despite the rain. (Photo courtesy of Patricia Wilcox)
Yarish radiates style despite the rain. (Photo courtesy of Patricia Wilcox)


PW: Describe your style.

CY: Minimalistic with an edge. I try to keep things simple, but like to add a unique twist to whatever I’m wearing. Continue reading

Fraternity forms free clinic for local residents

By Kyle Elphick
Staff Writer

The College’s chapter of the Delta Epsilon Psi fraternity recently hosted its fourth annual “Delta Clinic,” providing uninsured and underinsured Trenton and Ewing residents with primary health care.

On Saturday, Nov. 21, at the Trenton Rescue Mission, attendees were offered free hygiene kits assembled by the fraternity brothers and complementary medical services, including flu shots, glucose checks, blood pressure checks and HIV checks — all essential services for those of a low socioeconomic status, according to junior industrial-organizational psychology major Kiran Patel, DEPsi’s recruitment chair.

In addition to medical services, the clinic also provided insurance education, stress-relieving board games with prizes and a station dedicated to getting residents’ medical records on a portable flash drive for emergency purposes. Continue reading

Commission meets to discuss college affordability

By Matt Green                                                                                                                Correspondent

The College Affordability Study Commission recently held a public hearing at the College to discuss potential improvements to the affordability of college tuition and providing financial aid for New Jersey residents.

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, in the Business Building Lounge, concerned students, parents and members of the public were encouraged to come and voice their opinions at the meeting. Many individuals even traveled significant distances to share their perspectives and personal experiences with paying for higher education.

Created as the result of a law enacted in February 2015, the commission is responsible for “examining topics such as the state’s student loan program (NJCLASS), the state’s 529 college savings programs (NJBEST), accelerated and affordable degree programs, a Pay It Forward Pilot Program and any other proposal that may make college more affordable in New Jersey,” according to the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities (NJASCU). Continue reading

The Wonder Years share signature sound

By Mark Bias

Following the critically acclaimed record “The Greatest Generation,” The Wonder Years have released an album that is trickling with regret and bursting with passion. “No Closer to Heaven” is emotionally difficult to endure, but what makes the record so appealing is the subtlety of hope that builds with every song.

Right from the start, The Wonder Years make it clear that “The Greatest Generation” was only the start of their massive trek to the top. The song “Brothers” opens the album with chanting gang vocals and the repetition of the line: “We’re no saviors if we can’t save our brothers.” Then, the song “Cardinals” smashes through the somber tone of the opener and The Wonder Years show their signature pop-punk energy for which they have become known. Continue reading

Professor asks ‘Who Makes Games?’

By Alyssa Gautieri
Staff Writer

Studies have shown that video games utilize different parts of the brain, according to game designer Josh Fishburn, who is an interactive multimedia associate professor at the College.

“This is what I would tell parents — that every game is an educational game, in a sense,” he said

During his Brown Bag presentation on Friday, Nov. 20, in Mayo Concert Hall, Fishburn discussed the challenges he has experienced when designing games.

Fishburn discusses the challenges of modern game design. (David Colby / Staff Photographer)
Fishburn discusses the challenges of modern game design. (David Colby / Staff Photographer)

Fishburn said he does not believe that violence in video games has drastically negative effects on children.

“I think it becomes a problem when that is the only type of game available and played,” he said. Continue reading

‘Godspell’ is known as a challenging musical for its cast and crew. (Heiner Fallas / Photo Assistant)

TMT casts a ‘spell’ on packed audience

By Kelly Vena
Staff Writer

The Don Evans Black Box Theater was filled to its capacity during the Tuesday, Nov. 17, through Saturday, Nov. 21, performances of this year’s TCNJ Musical Theater (TMT) fall musical, “Godspell.”  The famous musical, created by Stephen Schwartz and debuted on Broadway in 1971, details the teachings of Jesus to his disciples, according to the Gospel of Matthew.

“‘Godspell’ is known to be one of the most challenging shows to develop, especially for us and the actors,” director and senior communication studies major Sarah Jennings said in reference to herself and her co-director, senior elementary education and history major Sarah Drozd. “It is almost entirely up for interpretation, which means we needed to have a very clear vision throughout the entire process and be able to work with everyone on executing the vision.”

‘Godspell’ is known as a challenging musical for its cast and crew. (Heiner Fallas / Photo Assistant)
‘Godspell’ is known as a challenging musical for its cast and crew. (Heiner Fallas / Photo Assistant)

The vision decided upon by the cast and crew was to take a more modernized approach to the show and to follow the 2012 revised version of the musical. Continue reading

Lions’ Financial: How to Optimize Your Meal Equiv at the Lions’ Den

By Padma Radhakrishnan

Between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm, it’s possible to get food and drinks for up to $7.50 in points anywhere on campus… besides Eickhoff, of course. I set out to see if I could make the most of those $7.50 to get a complete meal.
A complete meal, at least for me, is a filling, lunch-sized food portion and a drink.

I reviewed the Lions’ Den’s menu at the Stud to get the latest prices. Here’s how to get the best deal at meal equiv at the Stud:  Continue reading

Each ‘angel’ dresses as a different theme for the event. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

‘Angels’ take the stage to honor sorority’s sister

By Nicole Broomhead

Eight contestants from different Greek Life organizations gathered in the Lion’s Den on Thursday, Nov. 12, each dressed as a different type of angel and representing his or her respective organization. Costumes ranged from an angel in the outfield, to a Hell’s Angel and even an Angel Soft toilet paper-inspired costume. Autumn Angel — as the event is known — is a night of pageantry organized by the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha to support their philanthropies, The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built and The Don’t Stop Believing Fund.

Each ‘angel’ dresses as a different theme for the event. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)
Each ‘angel’ dresses as a different theme for the event. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

The annual event has been run since 1999, but in 2009, the sisters created the Don’t Stop Believing Fund and switched the event’s focus to support the new fund. It was created in the name of Stephanie Coonan, a sister and Class of 2008 College student who passed away after battling stomach cancer. The Don’t Stop Believing Fund is set up as a scholarship program that supports families in similar situations. The sorority’s Beta Beta chapter website says Stephanie was “a great friend, sister and student, Stephanie is forever in our hearts.” Continue reading

Fraternities join together to raise money for diabetes

By Alexa Kelber

The brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi (DEPsi) and Delta Tau Delta (DTD) co-hosted a philanthropic week for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) from Monday, Nov. 9, to Friday, Nov. 13. A variety of fundraisers and awareness events took place daily around the College’s campus, inviting students to learn about Type 1 diabetes in a casual and unconventional setting.

“We were looking to years passed to figure out an event for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,” said Aakash Trivedi, a junior biomedical engineering major and brother of DEPsi. “Five guys in our newest pledge class had the idea to plan a whole week around it.” Continue reading