C-Store employee inspires campus community

September 4, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

For some students at the College, the convenience store is not much more than a place to stock up on toiletries, microwavable meals and overpriced candy. Meanwhile, other students will find themselves in the store for hours on end with nothing on their shopping list — they just came in to pay a visit to their friend, cashier Malaysia Ford. […]

SG addresses rumors about Sodexo employees

April 24, 2018 Grace Gottschling 0

During its general body meeting held at the State House in Trenton, New Jersey, Student Government members heard from Patrice Mendes, the College’s Sodexo general manager, following concerns raised earlier this year over Sodexo’s alleged mistreatment of employees on April 18. […]

STEM Forum Café opens

January 30, 2018 Brielle Bryan 0

The STEM Forum Café had its grand opening for faculty and students looking for a variety of foods and snacks to jump-start their first week of the spring semester on Jan. 22.

Sodexo fires beloved employee

November 13, 2016 Connor Smith 6

Students who swiped into the Atrium at Eickhoff this week might have noticed something was off. The usual spirited greetings of “Y’all got this in the bag!” and “You’re almost over the hump!” were absent from the main dining hall on campus. […]