Basketball shows Rutgers who’s boss

Neither Rutgers-Camden nor Rutgers-Newark Universities stood a chance when the Lions showed up to play this past week. The women’s basketball team played some of their best games of the season, securing two important wins in each. As the team comes closer to the New Jersey Athletic Conference playoffs, their play has become nothing less than spectacular. With everyone showing up fully to every game, the Lions look like they are unstoppable.

Sweet dreams: Bliss Hall dormitory?

Today, Bliss Hall houses the English, journalism/professional writing, languages, religious studies, philosophy and women’s and gender studies departments. Filled with classrooms, offices, basement computer labs and bookshelves, it’s hard to imagine this building actually being considered a home. Although it has changed significantly since, Bliss Hall was originally a male dormitory. The late William Hausdoerffer, […]

College responds to Rutgers suicide

On Sept. 22, Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi ended his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge, just days after his roommate and an acquaintance broadcast a video of him in an intimate situation with another man. Although Rutgers is about 45 minutes north from the College, Clementi’s death hit some close to home. […]