April 6, 2020

Judge ready to rise as baseball’s next icon

October 3, 2017 Michael Battista 0

This season the MLB’s biggest story has not been political protests, nor has it been tragedies off the field or overblown news that the sport is dying. No, the biggest story this year has been a 25-year-old from Linden, California, whose presence in the Bronx has caused everyone to rise. […]

Carton scandal ushers in end of an era

September 19, 2017 Michael Battista 0

The month of September has been unforgiving to WFAN Radio host Craig Carton. After celebrating the 10th anniversary of his immensely popular morning sports talk show “Boomer and Carton,” with co-host and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, he was arrested for an alleged involvement in a million dollar ponzi-scheme. On Wednesday, Sept. 13, Carton resigned from the station.  […]

USMNT has deep roots in Garden State

September 11, 2017 Michael Battista 0

Every four years, teams from around the world compete to take part in the FIFA World Cup for the chance to be called ‘World Champions.’ Copious amounts of fame and money are up for grabs.

The U.S. Men’s National soccer team has had a few missteps during qualification which continued against the Costa Rican National team in Harrison, New Jersey’s Red Bull Arena with a 2-0 loss on Friday, Sept. 1. […]

US soccer needs better developmental leagues

September 5, 2017 Michael Battista 0

It’s no secret that soccer is the most popular sport around the world and it finally seems Uncle Sam is joining in. In recent years, television viewership for foreign leagues has skyrocketed in the U.S., with two top Liga MX matches scoring 1.7 and 1.55 million viewers on Univision, according to World Soccer Talk. […]

‘The Money Fight’ worth cost of admission

August 28, 2017 Michael Battista 0

Boxing’s decline has coincided with the rise of MMA. MMA, now the darling of professional combat sports, has thrived with a younger audience that boxing can’t seem to attract.

For one night, two of the biggest names in each of their respective sports collided. Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., boxing’s 49-0 main attraction, took on “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, the Irish loud-mouth poster boy of the UFC. They met for a boxing match in Las Vegas, Nevada on Aug. 26, in what many dubbed “The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History.”

Many fighting purists called it a spectacle and not a real fight. The fight marked Mayweather’s return to the ring in nearly two years and McGregor’s first ever professional boxing match. The pre-fight coverage was nearly insufferable with claims of racism, bigotry, misogyny and every other hot button issue flying out of ESPN faster than freshmen darting for meal equiv. […]

Recapping an unpredictable year in sports

May 2, 2017 Michael Battista 0

Another school year is coming to a close and while the College’s students study for final exams and finish up projects, I feel it’s important to look back at the year in sports. Though it’s impossible to recall everything, as I look back, it seems as though fans nearly got to witness the impossible.

To start the school year off, the World Series was one for the ages. It was a must-watch for the seven games it took to determine a winner. A combined 176 years without a championship between the two teams, the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians looked to make history by avenging years of failure. […]

Blackhawks loss shows impact of NHL salary cap

April 25, 2017 Michael Battista 0

In this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Chicago Blackhawks, the highest seeded team in the Western Conference, were swept in the first round by the Nashville Predators. If I guaranteed this outcome earlier this season, I would have been admitted into a psych ward. But that’s exactly what happened, and while it was amazing to watch, it also served as a reminder of how much the salary cap matters in the NHL.

For those who are unaware, a salary cap in sports means that every team in a league has a limited amount of money they can spend on players’ salaries. Its purpose is to keep rich teams from buying all the talented athletes, which would leave other teams at a disadvantage. However, it has a side effect in the NHL where traditional championship dynasties have virtually disappeared. […]

Out-of-ring taunting damages anti-bullying initiative

April 18, 2017 Michael Battista 0

WWE is an industry built on storytelling and athletics. Fans come to watch performers commit incredible feats of strength while playing characters of differing archetypes. These characters take part in stories involving two simple character types: the bad guy and the good guy. However, one wrestler might be taking his role as a villain too far.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield, better known as JBL, has been with the company for more than 20 years as a performer, backstage personality and commentator. He is known for running his mouth, being cocky, supporting heel wrestlers and a plethora of other things that firmly cement him as a bad guy. […]

Romo leaves polarizing legacy for Cowboys fans

April 11, 2017 Michael Battista 0

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo announced his retirement on April 4 after 12 seasons in the NFL.

After hearing the news, I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel. As a Giants fan, should I be happy that the old enemy is finally retiring? Should I be sad that the guy who notoriously chokes under pressure or gets hurt midway through the season is giving someone better a chance? […]

Wrestlemania provides ‘thrill ride’ with many bumps

April 4, 2017 Michael Battista 0

Months of buildup from WWE culminated on Sunday, April 2, at its biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania 33, in Orlando, Fla. While the show started off with big matches and tremendous moments, I became increasingly disappointed as the seven-hour event went on.

From the pre-show at 5 p.m. until midnight, Wrestlemania 33 featured many matches that were perfectly delivered to the sold-out Citrus Bowl crowd, however, there were many letdowns and boring moments that took away from the excitement. […]

International competition brings fun to baseball

March 28, 2017 Michael Battista 0

After a grueling two-week tournament that spanned the globe in both venues and competing teams, the United States stood tall as baseball’s World Champions on Wednesday, March 22, after defeating Puerto Rico, 8-0, in the World Baseball Classic final.

I’m not going to lie and say I watched every game of the event, though, I did wake up at 5 a.m. a few times to watch teams like Australia, Israel and the Netherlands during the group stages. […]

What makes Madison Square Garden iconic

March 21, 2017 Michael Battista 0

I got an early gift on March 13, one day before my birthday: I was brought to the ice at Madison Square Garden for a few photos after that night’s Rangers game

The visit was a thank-you gift from the Rangers organization to my father for being a season ticket holder since 1978. He also received a custom jersey with the name “Battista” on it and the number 78, a few weeks back during another special ceremony. His season ticket holder representative allowed him, my brother Joseph and I to come for a game during spring break and get a few minutes on the ice. […]

Cuban should focus on team, not Twitter GIFs

March 6, 2017 Michael Battista 0

Two weeks ago, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made a decision that wasn’t in his playbook. It wasn’t proposing a trade that would elevate his NBA team out of the lower levels of the Western Conference nor was it funding some wacky invention or company on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

He went out and decided what was news and what wasn’t. […]

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