Jesse Holley wins the game on the field and respect off of it

September 21, 2011 Frank Orlich 0

There’s a reason you’ve probably never heard Holley’s name until now: A few years ago, he was working security and selling cell phones in North Carolina. He was a former basketball and football player, but after being cut by the Cincinatti Bengals and the BC Lions of the Canadian League, he was ready to give up his dream and move on with his life. Then, he saw a career-changing show pitch. […]

UFC 135: the everyman’s UFC event

September 13, 2011 Alex Wolfe 0

Why is that so appealing? I don’t know. The whole mixed martial arts thing is actually pretty gruesome. But for whatever reason, me and a whole sports bar full of people are going to be cheering for these two guys to mess each other up. […]

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