Graphic artist up in arms over change

April 1, 2003 John Riviello 0

When I first saw the new logo, I read it as “TNJC.” I doubt that I am the only person who read it that way.

If I did not already know it was supposed to read as “TCNJ,” I would be unsure as to what order the letters should read. A logo should create a clear sense of the organization it represents, not create confusion. […]

Support the troops, question the administration

April 1, 2003 Matt Richman 0

“Support our troops” seems to be the battle cry from those in power these days. Not support our President, not support this war, but support our troops.

Unfortunately, this insidious bit of propaganda lends tacit support to the actions of President Bush and his ruling coterie. […]

Budget cuts sit pretty with few N.J. residents

March 25, 2003 Dan Cuellar 0

Under Governors Kean and Whitman, New Jersey established a reputation as a business-friendly state with a record of job growth and balanced budgets, but not anymore. I’ve seen Gov. McGreevey’s budget proposal for 2004. Even considering current economic circumstances, it’s not pretty. […]

Hell no, we won’t go or stop protesting war

March 25, 2003 Matt Richman 0

After President Bush has proceeded with war, ignoring all dissent (as not to be ruled by focus groups), the storm of protest has been immense. On the morning after the war began, people took to the streets to express their displeasure with the Bush administration’s actions. […]

Foreign languages aid careers, globalization

March 25, 2003 Dr. Adriana Rosman-Askot 0

The College is committed to providing an education that will propel its students into professional and personal success and fulfillment. The College prides itself on this point, endeavoring always to offer its students every educational opportunity. This commitment is articulated in the College’s Mission statement. […]

I want my MTV, not excessive coverage of Iraq

March 25, 2003 John Kell 0

It’s Wednesday night, and I have about an hour to kill before my 11-2 security shift. I knew I wasn’t going to get any work accomplished, so I turned on the television. I channel surf all the way up to channel 71 to find MTV not playing videos, as usual, but “Sorority Life 2. […]

Iraq isn’t the only one guilty of breaking the rules

March 18, 2003 Matt Richman 0

Unfortunately, war looks likely for the near future. All anti-war sentiment aside, there is just one small problem with the push for war: it will violate international law.

It’s funny because the main reason given by the Bush administration for war is that Saddam Hussein has violated international law, specifically U. […]

Why diet? It’s Lent

March 18, 2003 John Kell 0

In one of my courses a few weeks ago, (Eat, Drink, Man, Woman), we were talking about what we were giving up for Lent. One student said she was giving up chocolate, another said she was giving up candy altogether. The whole time, I was thinking, “Shit, Lent is this Wednesday? What food am I going to give up this year?” I automatically thought about giving up food, nothing else immediately came to mind as something worth sacrificing. […]

Candidates prove worthy in upcoming Pa. elections

March 18, 2003 Dan Cuellar 0

The next elections for federal offices are approaching quickly and our neighbors in Pennsylvania will once again experience competitive races for President and U.S. Senate, reinforcing the Keystone State’s reputation as a political battleground.

While new candidates are starting to emerge and incumbents are deciding whether or not to run again, U. […]

The time to hesitate is through

March 4, 2003 Dan Cuellar 0

At the domestic level, one of the most significant training and recruitment centers for leftist activism against the war in Iraq can be found on the campuses of American universities.

Student organizations, as well as professors, in hotbeds of political activism, such as University of California at Berkeley, Smith College in Massachusetts and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, have challenged the Bush administration over its uncompromising resolve requiring Saddam Hussein to comply with U. […]

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing

March 4, 2003 Chris Wilson 0

The current political, social, cultural and international environment is one of such complexity, such importance, that it is deserving of every individual’s undivided attention.

The events of Sept. 11 have had a profound effect on American diplomacy, specifically in two areas. […]

You can’t hold a candle to long-term relationships

March 4, 2003 Joe Urbanski 0

Never go into a relationship thinking it is going to be a fling or a short-term deal. If you think that, you’re wasting your time. And that’s the only important information in this article. You can stop reading now.

Lately, I’ve been finding out that people are becoming single or, conversely, going into a relationship. […]

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