March 28, 2020

Human struggle shouldn’t result in tragedy

September 24, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

Last April, a young woman named Paige Aiello ended her life at the close of the semester. To many who knew her, she was driven, deeply caring and intelligent, and a she was a leader in every facet of her life. While the memory of her life rests in many hearts, her death is reflective of a tragic occurrence. Beneath the numbers are individuals who deserve a shoulder to cry on. […]

Obama is falling short of his ‘red line’

September 10, 2013 Mike Nunes 2

Does Obama really care about intervening in Syria? Well, if he did, he would have done so way before the death toll ticked over 100,000. At this point, Obama has to save face after he said chemical weapons would be a “red line,” and those responsible would be punished. I mean, it was an honest mistake. […]

Benefits of biking

September 3, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

How much extra time do you have to give yourself?  Five minutes? 10 minutes? Maybe even 15 minutes if you’re a dedicated student. Depending on your luck — or your willingness to run over fellow […]

The way of the future: 3-D Printing

August 27, 2013 Signal Contributor 0

Moving to a college city has been a great experience. I love venturing to new bars, seeing shows and meeting new people. But something has been bugging me ever since I started grad school. It happens to me at least once a week, and I’m getting damn tired of it. […]

Guns and people

April 30, 2013 Signal Contributor 3

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” We have all heard this admonition, and, in the argument about gun violence, it seems that this quote seeks to exonerate guns and place all the blame on people. It implies that we should focus on the people that shoot other people, and try to solve the problem of why they do such things, rather than focus on anything to do with the guns, themselves. […]

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