April 8, 2020

Some trouble with the English language

January 21, 2014 Signal Contributor 0

In 1946, Orwell published “Politics and the English Language,” an essay criticizing the English of his period for its carelessness and vapidity. Unfortunately, this problem has not abated in the almost 70 years since Orwell’s death, despite his efforts to highlight the issue. […]

US funds allocation favors senior citizens

January 21, 2014 Tom Kozlowski 0

Our children are the future. So is an impending debt crisis that requires chokehold austerity measures, according to Congress, advocacy groups, big-government antagonists and everyone’s grandma. That last member of the fiscal phalanx is no joke. […]

Students’ evolutionary misconceptions

December 3, 2013 Signal Contributor 0

Evolution is often touted as the greatest theory in biology. Decades of experiments and observations have consistently supported evolutionary theory. Despite this success, public understanding of evolution is patchy at best and nonexistent at worst. […]

Historical accuracy: the importance of spelling

November 19, 2013 Jonathan Machlin 0

When I attended Vera Goodkin’s speech at the Education Building last week, I became very emotionally invested because I have family who shared many of the experiences she had. As such, I am extremely grateful that you were willing to give the story a mention on the front page of the latest issue of The Signal. […]

‘The Voice’ wins over viewers

November 19, 2013 Jonathan Edmondson 0

On last Tuesday’s episode of “The Voice,” NBC’s reality singing competition, the Twitter instant save was introduced. When the bottom three were revealed, America had five minutes to take to Twitter and tweet to save its favorite artist using a hashtag. This type of audience power was met with excellent feedback. […]

Arts are in need of support after recent closings

November 12, 2013 Jonathan Edmondson 0

Last week, the Broadway musical “First Date,” which I reviewed for The Signal a few weeks ago, announced that it would end its short run in January. On Sunday night, “Big Fish,” starring Norbert Leo Butz, announced that it would end its run at the end of the December. The revival of “Annie” will also close its doors early next year. […]

Effects of Obamacare

October 22, 2013 Signal Contributor 5

As small and medium size businesses prepare for the start of the Affordable Care Act, frequently referred to as Obamacare, there will be an increase in the number of part-time positions offered by businesses and thus an increase in the number of Americans who are underemployed. […]

Mirror can be menace for men, as well as girls

October 22, 2013 Jonathan Edmondson 0

When I was a little boy I would wander into my living room and find my family, eyes glued to the television screen. My mother, father, sister and grandmother were all intensely watching whatever athletic event was happening on screen. I would feign interest for a few moments before I was utterly confused and simply bored by what was happening, then plod over to my action figures and play silently in a corner. […]

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