April 5, 2020

A turning point for The Boss

September 23, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

We’re all from New Jersey here, and Bruce Springsteen is our native son. We grew up with his pure bred rock anthems, from the punch out of

“Born to Run” to the swells of his most recent release, “The Rising.” Springsteen is part of our heritage. But his 1982 release “Nebraska” signaled a departure from the typical brassy, energetic rock we’ve come to expect from the Boss. […]

Cage ignites ‘Matchstick’

September 23, 2003 Kate Bernyk 0

There is something attractive about movies that are about “good” guys who do “bad” things. Brad Pitt won us over as a psycho-second personality in “Fight Club,” George Clooney stole our hearts and a lot of money in “Ocean’s Eleven” and the drug-dealing coke-addict portrayed by Johnny Depp in “Blow” made us wonder why he had to go to jail. […]

Yellowcard — punk with soul

September 16, 2003 Casie Wexler 0

We are in a stage of music where pop-punk bands are as abundant as hair bands were in the late ’80s and early ’90s. A tattooed pretty boy with zero gauges in his ears and a broken heart set to a catchy three-chord medley lurks around every corner. Thankfully, there are some exceptions that outshine the Skid Rows and Warrants of our time. […]

You’ve got a one-hit wonder!

September 16, 2003 Casie Wexler 0

Summer was seemingly normal. There was the standard part-time job, days at the shore and at least one family function.

But there was one glaring exception to the mundane swelter. Over the airwaves a provocative, booty shaking anthem implanted its dance hall beat and ridiculous lyrics into my mind for the whole summer – “Cameltoe. […]

Take a walk on the wild side

September 16, 2003 Dan Brady 0

Welcome to the edge of the envelope. This is where new ideas are being pushed forward and explored. This is where the future of art and music is being born. This is where most musicians and artists are made or broken. This is where you’ll find everything that you’ve been waiting for, but never expected. […]

A return to innocence and fairytale fun

August 25, 2003 copress 0

Like the first sip of a frozen milkshake or the stomach-churning sensation of a glittering carnival ride, Brittney Murphy’s latest flick, “Uptown Girls,” provides us with an instant ticket back to the heady excitement, reeling confusion and playful magic of childhood. […]

The best of summer film

August 25, 2003 Signal Staff 0

On DVD / Video:


An Academy Award-winning musical that is packed with blazing melodrama, high-powered dance numbers and plenty of pizzaz.

“Bowling For Columbine”

The Academy Award-winning documentary by Michael Moore is funny, controversial, relevant and just plain worth seeing. […]

Ripe for the picking, any way you like it

April 29, 2003 Dan Brady 0

All year I’ve been trying to provide an interesting cross-section of music and perhaps raise awareness about some bands that are starting to break but haven’t quite gone top 10 yet. I hope I’ve raised a few eyebrows in my choices of what to review and maybe changed a few minds. […]

Christie classic translates mystery gold to screen

April 29, 2003 Scott Napolitano 0

On the surface, the plot of “Identity” is as simple as can be: 10 people check into a dingy motel on a stormy night. Unbeknownst to the eclectic array of worn-out travelers, a killer is in their midst.

One by one, the group is picked apart, and then found brutally murdered in a number of gruesome ways. […]

Sandler and Nicholson make for an ‘Anger’ ball

April 15, 2003 Scott Napolitano 0

Question: what is crazier than the usual insanity of an Adam Sandler movie? Answer: an insane Adam Sandler movie with Jack “Hereeeee’s Johnny” Nicholson. The plot of Sandler’s latest comedy focuses on the misadventures of the misunderstood Dave Buznik. After “assaulting” an airline attendant, the meek Dave is sentenced to an anger management course. […]

Blood-lusting, buxom vamp heroine is fair play

April 8, 2003 Coray Seifert 0

This is the worst game I’ve ever played.

That was the beginning of the first draft of my review for Majesco/Terminal Reality’s “BloodRayne,” a game that pits a sultry half-vampire sadist against the pre-Nazi army. At the end of a six-hour marathon playing of the game, I had concluded that BloodRayne was just a typical action game, featuring nothing more than crude humor, lots of blood and a half-vampire with a well-endowed chest. […]

‘Head of State’ campaigns for high comedy

April 1, 2003 John Kell 0

“Head of State” was funny as hell. It may just have been the people I went with, because not all of the audience was laughing quite as hard as the group I was with. “Head of State” is not a perfect movie and it has a couple of jokes that are a little overdone, but overall it was a light satire that reflected where some elections of the past have brought us and where some elections of the future may bring us. […]

Homestar Runner and friends are a web riot

April 1, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 1

The beginning of 2002 was a dark time. My then favorite Internet comedy site, the Brunching Shuttlecocks, was stagnating. It would be weeks between updates, and there was a growing dearth of humor in my life. My friends and I, alike, become moody and dissatisfied with life. […]

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