Bernie Mac scores hit in spite of formulaic plotline

September 29, 2004 Tom Dunford 0

“Mr. 3000” builds a quietly affecting motion picture from one of the most contrived premises ever to hit the silver screen. This near-miraculous feat is due, in no small part, to the wise and funny performance of lead Bernie Mac.

Mac stars as Stan Ross, one of those creeps who we only come across in movies. […]

Emmy awards mix predictability with surprise

September 29, 2004 Audrey Levine 0

The 56th Annual Emmy Awards came and went, leaving a lasting memory of the same nominees, the same winners and Elaine Stritch’s brassy comment while accepting her award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety, Musical or Comedy Show, “Look at the company I’m in. […]

Ten shows you should know

September 22, 2004 Kelly Meisberger 0

Have you boycotted TV time ever since the sun set on “Friends”? Well couch potatoes, the time has come to dig out your remote (it’s under your bed next to that stale piece of pizza from last September) and tune in, because there’s a whole new world of broadcasting that has yet to be discovered. […]

Film about bullies captures delicate emotions on screen

September 22, 2004 Donna Green 0

4/5 stars

Everyone knows that kids can be mean sometimes, but what happens when bullying gets out of control? In his film “Mean Creek,” new director Jacob Estes tackles adolescence and the struggle to feel accepted. Well received at Sundance and Cannes, among other film festivals, “Mean Creek” is intelligent and real, not afraid to confront the many truths of growing up. […]

Fans follow fish to the end of its musical odyssey

September 15, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

After 21 years, Phish has broken up. They brought their career to an end close to where it began, Coventry, Vt., on Aug. 14 and 15. An odyssey brought us there for the second night.

By the time we arrived on Sunday night at the Newport State Airport, where the festival was held, the worst of the rain had ended. […]

‘Cutting loose’ has never sounded this good

September 15, 2004 Audrey Levine 0

As far back as I can remember – which translates to last year – the music review page has featured mostly rock and other popular music CDs. This time, we thought we’d change things up a bit and bring a little culture with a nice old-fashioned musical and a review of the critically acclaimed soundtrack to the Broadway play “Footloose. […]

Dylan stands alone in greatness with new bootleg release

April 7, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

Standing alone before an enormous crowd at New York’s Philharmonic Hall October 31, 1964, 23-year-old Bob Dylan said, “Don’t let that scare you,” false-starting on “If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Gotta Stay All Night).” The concert is now available to the public for the first time as the sixth volume of his Bootleg Series. […]

Usher’s ‘confessions’ – he wants bad girls & metaphors

April 7, 2004 Ashley Marty 0

If you ever listen to the radio or watch MTV even once a week, there’s no way you can avoid that new Usher song, “Yeah!” It’s that song that makes you feel like you’re all “bling bling” in some club. It’s inescapable. So I figured that it’s better to accept it than to fight it and I gave Usher’s new CD, “Confessions” a listen. […]

‘Dead’ balances horror with offbeat dark humor

April 7, 2004 Donna Green 0

Oh brother, where art the Coen Brothers, you ask? That question will be answered after viewing “The Ladykillers.” Filled with their typical shenanigans, the film is clearly a product of Joel and Ethan Coen (who are also responsible for “Raising Arizona,” “The Big Lebowski” and “Fargo”), and I would imagine that very few would have it any other way. […]

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