Profound remake features a not-so-innocent title character

November 10, 2004 Donna Green 0

After two unsuccessful attempts to see “Alfie” in sold-out theaters, and many more failed tries at renting the original, I finally managed to see the film, which has been quite successful in its first weekend of release. Based on the original of the same name, “Alfie” is the story of a man who jumps from woman to woman, afraid to make any real connection with anyone. […]

White boy from Deep South sings soul music on new album

November 10, 2004 Audrey Levine 0

There is something good cooking in the Deep South and it isn’t fried chicken – it’s Marc Broussard, a singer and songwriter extraordinaire who is finally finding success in the music world.

Broussard’s second CD, “Carencro,” released on Aug. 3, is a cross between pop, rock and soul, as it mixes these styles together to create a beautiful blend of rich melodies and lyrics for spending an evening with friends or a romantic evening with that special someone. […]

Dance ‘The Tango’ in Philly Bar

November 4, 2004 Laura Bray 0

Whiskey Tango Tavern is an emerging hot spot in Northeast Philadelphia.It shares many of the common characteristics of other bars in the area, such as great music and drink specials. Separating The Whiskey Tango from its competition, however, are its crowd, array of top musicians, large dance floors, multiple events and DJs. […]

Election 2004 is over, but the laughter never ends at

November 4, 2004 Audrey Levine 0

Election 2004 is officially over, but a chance to poke fun at both candidates is always welcome even after the final decision has been made. To take advantage of this opportunity, look no further than, a Web site that features two cartoons that humiliate and mock both President George Bush and Sen. John Kerry but fully entertain the viewer. […]

Musical and cultural icon casts off own legend in autobiography

November 4, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 1

What should we expect from a memoir penned by Bob Dylan? What kind of self-portrait can we expect from a man who writes “What did I owe the rest of the world? Nothing. Not a damn thing. The press? I figured you lie to it.”

What we get from this man, who has gone to such great lengths to remain something of an enigma, however, is the story of his life expressed with uncharacteristic frankness. […]

Quirky existensial film raises big question for its viewers

November 4, 2004 Donna Green 0

Perhaps we’ve all wondered, at one point or another, why it is that we are here. Is our entire existence part of some interrelated work? Are there no coincidences? Or, does everything stand on its own, isolated from some larger meaning?

In David O. Russell’s latest film, the existential comedy “I Heart Huckabees,” these are the questions that poet and environmentalist Albert Markovski tries to answer. […]

Student Reading Series brings alumni back for special homecoming

October 20, 2004 Nicole Grieco 0

Ink, the College’s creative writing organization, welcomed back four recent graduates for a different kind of homecoming on Oct. 8. A small but intimate turnout of friends and strangers chose to forego their other appointments (including the second presidential debate) to enjoy the first Student Reading Series (SRS) event of the semester. […]

Psychology graduate teaches to a different beat

October 20, 2004 Jaclyn English 0

The life of a musician has always had a certain allure: many dream about the glamour and decadence of the rock-star lifestyle. Danny Britt, a 1995 College alumnus, was not immune to these feelings – he was drawn to the drums and started playing them at age 12. […]

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