Janet’s Super Bowl Special

February 4, 2004 John Kell 0

The New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers played some great football during Sunday night’s Super Bowl XXXVIII, but all anyone can seem to talk about is Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s jaw-dropping half-time performance.

At the end of the “Rock your body” duet when Timberlake sings, “Better have you naked by the end of this song,” Timberlake ‘accidently’ ripped off a piece of Janet’s outfit, revealing her breast to 89 million viewers around the world. […]

Crystal or Parkside — which diner is better?

February 4, 2004 John Kell 0

If you’re from New Jersey, chances are you have a diner. Anyone that heralds from this amazing state can give an answer to the famous question, “What’s your diner?” While in South Jersey, I live closest to the Starview Diner but prefer the Philly Diner.

College and high school students gather in diners across the state to catch up with friends, hang out over a cheap cup of coffee or to nurse a hangover. […]

Adams’ ‘Rock n’ Roll’ is less than ‘Gold’

February 4, 2004 Billy Whitehead 0

I like Ryan Adams. His abrasive, no nonsense, take-no -shit attitude – while at times exasperating – is an aspect of rock that is severely lacking in today’s music industry.

As a live performer, Adams’ stage presence teeters between cathartic and drunken sing-along, all the while leaving his audience awash in bewildering awe. […]

Moore’s films get more ‘Coverage’ than her music

February 4, 2004 John Kell 0

In Mandy Moore’s newest album, “Coverage,” she leaves all the writing to the more capable hands of musicians such as Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Carly Simon, Debbie Harry, Elton John and Carole King.

Mandy Moore has had medial success since her debut with “Candy” and has not been able to find her niche in the world of music. […]

In pursuit of life, ‘Liberty’ and hot guys

February 4, 2004 Hara Hawthorne 0

Mandy Moore stars in “Chasing Liberty” as 18-year-old Anna Foster, the daughter of the president of the United States.

The uber-sexy president, played by Mark Harmon, has Anna under surveillance 24/7 by his secret agents, including Morales (Annabelle Sciorra) and Weiss (Jeremy Piven). […]

Oscars Preview — editing, makeup and visual effects

February 4, 2004 Scott Napolitano 0

Well folks, it’s that time of year again – when the bigwigs behind the biggest films of the year butt heads to take home a golden statue of a nude man holding a sword. Actors and actresses compete to come up with the longest running, driest and/or most politically offensive speech of the evening. […]

Stories from the city — one new, one old

November 11, 2003 Dan Pieraccini 0

New York is home to rock legends and experimental upstarts. New York band Coheed and Cambria, new on the scene, has released a saga-CD while city flame The Strokes – last year’s headliner – just put out is sophomore release.

Coheed and Cambria

“In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3”

What’s a Coheed? Who’s Cambria? Coheed and Cambria (CO & CA) is a band whose musical complexities are surpassed only by the ambiguity of its message. […]

Manzano: Sesame Street gives Hispanics a media role

November 11, 2003 Christine Brozyna 0

Students re–lived their childhood as they watched a furry blue monster sing in Spanish and other off-beat creatures sing and dance as part of a video montage introducing guest speaker Sonia Manzano. Manzano, known as “Maria” from “Sesame Street,” gave a lecture, “One, Two Three: Who put Latins on TV?”

It was part of the College’s Multicultural Lecture series that hopes to broaden the student body’s understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures represented on campus. […]

So fresh — Outkast’s new release strikes gold twice

October 14, 2003 Catherine E. Galioto 0

Outkast just don’t make the same album twice. Instead, the genre-pushing hip hop act released two different albums at the same time.

The much-anticipated double album, “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” gives the duo of Big Boi (Anton Patton) and Andre 3000 (Andre Benjamin) the forum to stand on their own respective feet, making this release a pseudo-solo album for members of a band that is still together. […]

Wainwright’s new path

October 14, 2003 Diana Ling 0

Life after Sept. 11 was a period of self-realization for singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright. “I’d hit that age where I was either gonna go down one path and self-destruct or go down the other path and survive,” the 30-year-old explained. “I had to really look at my life and figure out what sustains me. […]

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