Christie classic translates mystery gold to screen

April 29, 2003 Scott Napolitano 0

On the surface, the plot of “Identity” is as simple as can be: 10 people check into a dingy motel on a stormy night. Unbeknownst to the eclectic array of worn-out travelers, a killer is in their midst.

One by one, the group is picked apart, and then found brutally murdered in a number of gruesome ways. […]

Winning wisecracker returns for an encore

April 22, 2003 Angela Molnar 3

“This ain’t gonna get any better. It’s not a politically correct show, so if you get easily offended, get the fuck out,” Stephen Lynch heartedly warned after he performed his song “Altar Boy” Tuesday night.

He wasn’t kidding. From masturbation to abortion, deformity to homosexuality, nothing was off limits. […]

Sandler and Nicholson make for an ‘Anger’ ball

April 15, 2003 Scott Napolitano 0

Question: what is crazier than the usual insanity of an Adam Sandler movie? Answer: an insane Adam Sandler movie with Jack “Hereeeee’s Johnny” Nicholson. The plot of Sandler’s latest comedy focuses on the misadventures of the misunderstood Dave Buznik. After “assaulting” an airline attendant, the meek Dave is sentenced to an anger management course. […]

The glorious art of beer pong, one game at a time

April 15, 2003 Coray Seifert 0

The American college experience is steeped in many traditions that make it the magnificent endeavor that it is today. One of those traditions is the sport of Beirut, commonly referred to as beer pong. While I could write enough for a thesis paper on the sport of Beirut, this is neither the time nor the place. […]

Students find Rushdie funny, unfearing

April 15, 2003 Dan Brady 0

Security was on high alert during Salman Rushdie’s keynote speech last Thursday, but students were not tense as Rushdie closed out the Writer’s Conference.

All the tension only led up to a Y2K- style anticlimax, as Rushdie’s speech went off without a hitch, addressing a full crowd of writers and students who welcomed his presence with open ears. […]

Pulitzer prize winner delivers playful poetry

April 15, 2003 Dan Brady 0

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon gave a reading as the keynote poet at last Thursday’s writer’s conference. Muldoon read from all periods of his work including newer, unpublished material.

“Paul Muldoon displays a versatility, which is extraordinary,” Jim Brazell, associate professor of English, said as he introduced Muldoon. […]

Time to make the prose–coffee entices writers

April 15, 2003 Diana Ling 0

The Dunkin’ Donuts Finals Caf? opened its doors last Wednesday in the student center, holding its second annual “Freshly Ground Prose” contest.

In addition to free coffee, Munchkins and various Dunkin’ Donuts paraphernalia, such as notebooks and pencils, was handed out. […]

Ben Folds: He’s big and important

April 8, 2003 Diana Ling 0

Ben Folds rocked Kendall Hall last Friday with storytelling, a sing-along and his trademark piano-banging.

Folds took to the stage dressed in red corduroys and a blue T-shirt emblazoned with “Steelworkers for Dukakis.” He gave an intense, crowd-pleasing performance. […]

Student projects to be showcased in celebration

April 8, 2003 Kevin Morris 0

With student work ranging from computer programs to poetry, there are few who will not find something of interest at the upcoming Celebration of Student Achievement.

The event, now in its sixth year, serves as a showcase for students at the College who have done exceptional work over the past two semesters. […]

We love the 90s–neon, leggings and all

April 8, 2003 Casie Wexler 0

It is painful to look back on that 10-year span of my life known as the 90s. But, despite the ludicrous fashion choices, the first decade I can remember from start to finish wasn’t so bad. VH1 may love the 80s, but I love the 90s.

I will even shout it from the rooftops or with the gigantic megaphone left over from 80s One-Hit-Wonder Toni Basil: “I LOVE THE 90s. […]

All College Theatre’s most shining ‘Hour’

April 8, 2003 Dan Brady 0

All College Theater (ACT) brought Lillian Hellman’s “The Children’s Hour” to life in Kendall’s Black Box Theater for a five-day run. The play addresses issues of love, friendship, homosexuality, class, adolescence and gossip.

ACT’s performance was wrought with subtle yet powerful acting and gripping tension. […]

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