Thousands rally in Midtown to protest war in Iraq

March 31, 2004 Christine Brozyna 0

the invasion of Iraq, thousands gathered in the streets of New York City passionately waving signs, banging drums and shouting chants in protest of the war.

The protest, held on March 20, was the largest demonstration since Feb. 15, 2003, when over 100,000 people gathered in Midtown with calls to prevent war in Iraq. […]

Legacy of horse abuse makes the list of censored stories in 2003

March 31, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

Women are given a number of choices today as to the medications they can to take for various health reasons, but many times are not given the information to make the wisest decision.

One of the top 25 censored stories of 2003 concerned the drug Premarin, a top-selling hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is made from the urine of pregnant female horses (mares) and used in birth control and menopausal treatment. […]

Find love on the web

March 31, 2004 Jenise Beaman 0

Love is in the air during springtime. However, if you are still feeling lonely or you’re just tired of going to clubs and bars in search of a mate and coming up empty-handed, then online dating may be the solution for you.

The thought of going online to meet someone can seem scary and even appear desperate. […]

Students can go to Health Services the ‘morning-after’

February 11, 2004 Mandee Wilton 0

Despite controversy, the College’s Health Services and Planned Parenthood continue to stand behind the decision to make the morning-after pill available to students.

Plan B is the emergency contraceptive pill offered at Health Services. It prevents pregnancy by 89 percent if taken within 72 hours of contraceptive failure or unprotected intercourse. […]

V-Day is bringing ‘Vaginas’ to a theater near you

February 11, 2004 Rebecca Scanlon 0

Get ready, vaginas. The third annual production of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” will be on campus this Valentine’s Day weekend.

But don’t turn away, penises.

“I know it’s called ‘The Vagina Monologues,'” Nina Davidson, sophomore English and women’s and gender studies major, and one of the five student directors said. […]

Chinese language is art

February 11, 2004 Jenise Beaman 0

“Framed Character,” a book about Chinese writing authored by Arnold Au and illustrated by Fanky Chak, is an attempt to develop a deeper understanding of the words and writings of the Chinese language.

The book connects the meaning of words from the Chinese culture to the symbolic representations of the English culture. […]

What does Valentine’s mean to you?

February 11, 2004 copress 0

People, there is a monster lurking around this campus. Unlike his compatriots he does not have superhuman strength or the ability to breathe fire. This particular villain comes in the form of a winged baby armed with passion – inducing arrows.

Wherever you go, Valentine’s Day is forcing itself on you; pink flyers in the newspaper, diamond ads during prime-time and that ever romantic gesture, gas station roses. […]

College channel offers ‘Instant Entertainment’

February 11, 2004 Ashley Marty 0

As concerned students, watching an “in-depth” expos? about the Git’s involvement in the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur can be frightening, eerie and even uncanny. But Matt Lawrence’s investigation of this, shown on the College’s “Instant Entertainment,” is too busy being hilarious and sarcastic to worry anyone. […]

Mercer County Photo Show struts its stuff in Holman

February 11, 2004 Wendy Bodine 0

The Holman Art Gallery is currently hosting the 2004 Mercer County Photography Exhibit, a biennial exhibition open to anyone 18 years or older who lives, works or goes to school in Mercer County. The exhibit was officially opened to the public during a reception that was held on Jan. […]

New laws affect Jersey drivers

February 4, 2004 Sean Marotta 0

Drivers in New Jersey now have even more reason to think twice about getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking.

On Jan. 20, Gov. James E. McGreevy signed into law Assembly bill 682, which lowered the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) used to identify a drunk driver from . […]

Drivers react to new state law banning cell phones on the road

February 4, 2004 Tammy Tibbetts 0

As of July 1, it will be illegal to drive while talking on a handheld cell phone in New Jersey, according to the legislation Gov. James E. McGreevey signed on Jan. 20.

Use of a handheld cell phone will be a secondary violation, meaning a driver can only be penalized for it if pulled over for something else, like speeding. […]

The new face of the World Trade Center site

February 4, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

September 11th has created a number of heroes in America’s psyche – police officers, firefighters, soldiers, rescue workers, etc. However, a recovering nation is now turning its eyes to a new breed of hero: the architect.

With the January unveiling of Spanish architect Santigo Calatrava’s transportation hub design, the tripartite site plan for the World Trade Center location was completed. […]

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