March 29, 2020

When it comes to gambling — AC is the place to be

October 6, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

Everyone knows that one of New Jersey’s main attractions lies deep in the south of the state: Atlantic City. Seen as a playground for adults, Atlantic City features 14 casinos where you can spend your hard-earned money. And although you can only start playing the slots once you turn 21, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be up on your knowledge of the way things work in Atlantic City. […]

Listen while you surf — MP3 blogs new music downloading alternative

October 6, 2004 Rebecca Scanlon 0

Weblogs have been around for years, providing anyone with Internet access a forum to express his or her views and discuss his or her life. But words are not enough.

Blogs, described by Brian Garrity of Billboard magazine as do-it-yourself Web sites composed of journal-style commentary, have been supplemented with links to news and other Web sites and photos. […]

Halliday encourage self reflection to write poetry

October 6, 2004 Ben Leach 0

Last Thursday, on a night when many students tuned their televisions in to the presidential debate, poet Mark Halliday was having a debate of his own – with himself.

“I’ll be jabbing at myself the way Kerry and Bush will be jabbing at each other,” Halliday said of his visit to the College to promote his latest book of poetry, “Jab.” […]

Keeping up with the Times

October 6, 2004 Kristina Fiore 0

Amy Benson sits on a plush red chair against the mahogany walls of the Algonquin Hotel in New York City. Her chocolate suit is as rich as the wood behind her, and is offset by tinsel-like threading interwoven throughout the skirt and jacket set. The threading reflects a golden-green color that matches Benson’s hazel eyes and blond, tousled hair. […]

Season’s pickings

September 29, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

Autumn is the perfect season to spend outside. The sun is shining, the humidity is gone and the leaves are turning out symphonies of color. So when you feel the need to commune with nature on the weekends or your day off from classes, look no further than our own Mercer County area for fun fall activities. […]

On-campus living creates convenience for busy students

September 29, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

Colleen Gill, senior vocal music education major, has enjoyed the convenience of living on-campus for the past three years. Instead of changing something she was happy with, Gill decided to remain on campus for one final year.

Although it seems that a lot of students get fed up with living on campus or just aren’t lucky enough to make the housing lottery, Gill is one the College’s many seniors who decided to make the College their home for four years. […]

Faculty art exhibit shows College staff in new light

September 29, 2004 Melissa Hernandez 0

When the College’s art department opened the Holman Hall doors to its “Art Faculty Exhibition” Sept. 15, the College gained a New York-like art gallery on-campus.

“All of the work in the exhibition is highly creative, technically exceptional and worthy of display in any New York gallery,” Judy Masterson, art gallery director, said. […]

Moore to Camden–Bush has got to go

September 22, 2004 Signal Editorial Staff 0

It was Monday night at the Tweeter Center along the Camden waterfront, and Michael Moore was falling into one of his trademark fits, giving an address sponsored by Rutgers University-Camden. He described a scene from his latest film, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” in which an Iraqi woman comes out of a house in Baghdad screaming “Death to America. […]

Exchange students seek American education and lifestyle

September 22, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

At one point or another during their college careers, a great number of students feel the urge to leave behind everything they know and explore a little bit of the world. Since so many students at the College get caught up in going abroad to places like Spain or Australia for a semester, it might come as a surprise that there are foreign students who want to leave their countries behind for Ewing. […]

Be cool–go to graduate school

September 22, 2004 Teresa Rivas 0

Being an upperclassman certainly has its perks – having a car, getting to take courses that pertain to your career, maybe living in a single or at least with people of your choice.

There are responsibilities, however, that come with this move up the totem pole, perhaps the most important of which is making the choice between diving into the working pool or going on to further education. […]

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