How important is religion at the College? SFB allocate SAF money to five religious organizations

November 11, 2003 Sean Marotta 0

The Student Finance Board (SFB) allocated $4,345 of Student Activity Fund (SAF) money to five religious organizations on campus, for the 2003-2004 academic year.

The five organizations are Catholic Campus Ministries (CCM), the Islamic Society, the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), the Jewish Student Union (JSU) and the newly-funded Protestant Fellowship, which just received SAF money at the Oct. […]

College-age suicide is a national problem

November 11, 2003 Caitlin Gaughan 0

The next time you hit your head on one of the campus’s low shower heads or get frustrated when you can’t open your window all of the way, think about this: suicide is a leading cause of death among college students, and was already declared a national problem. […]

High school suicide — the silent killer

November 11, 2003 Christine Fasano 0

High school suicide may not be recognized as a prevalent problem in today’s society because it is often too delicate an issue to discuss. However, the American Association of Suicidology says that, nationwide, one in five high school students surveyed reported they had seriously considered suicide during the preceding year. […]

Campus programs help beat the stress

November 11, 2003 Christine Klima 0

As final exams draw near and the pressure of academic burdens mount, the College offers services to ensure the psychological wellbeing of the students – especially where the threat of suicide is concerned.

Lion’s EMS and psychological counseling have ensured there have been no suicides committed on campus. […]

‘May you find some comfort here’

November 11, 2003 Kristen Anastos 0

One of the most unpleasant memories of my, short, 21 years of life is of myself at 17 staring into a coffin at my friend Jeff. My recently-deceased-due-to-a-self-inflicted-gun-shot-wound-to-the-head-with-his-father’s-gun friend Jeff.

No one told us, but I could guess where he put the gun – his lips looked funny, and he always had very nice lips. […]

Fit to be teed — salvage your favorite shirts

October 14, 2003 Catherine E. Galioto 0

Most everyone has one – a favorite T-shirt. Maybe the color looks good on you, or it fits a little too well. Perhaps it’s got some quote or picture on it that serves as a window to your soul (or it is just really cool). Chances are, your favorite T-shirt is worn often and is now bordering on ratty, tattered, rundown. […]

Community Fest 2003

October 14, 2003 Rebecca Scanlon 0

Early forecasts predicted rain, but the sun shone down on this year’s Community Fest. Visitors to the event, co-sponsored by the Township of Ewing and the College, enjoyed live bands, events for kids, carnival food and an opportunity to interact with community businesses and organizations. […]

GUTS — ‘coming out’ for a national celebration

October 14, 2003 Andrea Wright 0

GUTS (the Gay Union of Trenton State) and other members of the campus community celebrated National Coming Out Day last Saturday.

Approximately 20 members of GUTS set up tables outside the Travers/Wolfe Halls with pizza, music, pamphlets and decorations as part of the College’s Community Fest events. […]

Photojournalist tells of experiences in war-torn Africa

October 7, 2003 Rebecca Scanlon 0

A girl soldier in Liberia appears to be laughing as she points a gun toward someone off-camera.

“She was threatening my friend with a gun,” said Michael Kamber, the photojournalist who took the picture. “They were having a good time.” The audience laughed slightly, not sure if he was joking. […]

Mark Bibbins delivers ‘unsafe’ poetry

October 7, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

English professor Catie Rosemurgy introduced poet Mark Bibbins as “dangerous.”

“So the question on all your minds must be,” she said, “what is so dangerous about Mark Bibbins?”

According to Rosemurgy, Bibbins’ poetry is challenging. “The predictable assurances of time and space, of a kind god in his heaven, of a noble and reliable self, of feeling at all O. […]

Wanko’s ‘true life’ featured on MTV

October 7, 2003 John Kell 7

Last spring, Lauren Wanko had to make one of the biggest decisions of her life in front of millions of viewers on the MTV program, “True Life.”

Wanko was chosen to become a part of the documentary series, and in this particular episode, the show followed four high school seniors as they made decisions that would impact the rest of their lives. […]

New internet service delivers food — fast

October 7, 2003 Nicole Castelli 0

Tired of busy signals or people who can’t comprehend your order? If trying to get dinner delivered to your residence hall is usually a hassle, fret no longer. Thanks to the new Web site, students can now order food for pick-up or delivery without ever having to pick up the phone. […]

Know before you go — drug testing myths disspelled

October 7, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

So you want that job at the latest music shop or the big department store. The application is all filled out and you know you can ace the interview. There’s only one thing that stands between you and your cash flow.

The drug test.

Not only is the test uncomfortable, but it can also put a major hindrance on your career if the fun you had at last Saturday night’s party is detected. […]

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