Students make dark day of summer memorable

September 9, 2003 Rebecca Scanlon 0

You and your significant other are home alone. Candles are lit. Soft music is playing in the background. You get into bed as things heat up. As you get ready to seal the deal, you reach over and turn out the light.

This is when having the lights out is a positive thing. […]

Can I see some ID?

September 9, 2003 Teresa Rivas 25

It’s a day 20 years and 364 days in the making (that’s 183,936 hours, but who’s counting) – your 21st birthday.

Your last few birthdays were downhill since you got your driver’s license. With 18 years under your belt you could vote, join the army, even purchase tobacco and pornography. […]

New viewbooks — depictive or deceptive?

September 9, 2003 Zac Goldstein 0

“I live with 1,152 of my closest friends.”

These words may seem like the declaration of a worker ant, but they are actually the proud testimonial of a college student. The same student enjoys a college close to Philadelphia, New York City and the Poconos, has a chance to be hired by one of more than 400 companies and will more than likely pass by a mall if they travel 10 miles in any direction. […]

A loss for words: Reetika Vazirani, poet and professor, commits suicide at 40

September 9, 2003 Kristina Fiore 1

She walked into the classroom, her youthful eyes scanning the roomful of unfamiliar students’ faces. To professor and poet Reetika Vazirani, new places and different people were always familiar, a product of her frequent traveling and moving around. Despite her natural poise and grace, no one knew the pain that migration and other tragedies had inflicted on Vazirani’s life. […]

Meet me in outer space

August 25, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

Once in a lifetime? How about once in a thousand lifetimes.

That’s how often Mars comes within 35 million miles of Earth. And on Aug. 27, humans will be able to view the Red Planet as close as Neanderthals saw it 60,000 years before.

An opportunity to witness the phenomenon that will probably only be seen by 1,000 generations superceding ours should be taken advantage of. […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

August 25, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

The end of August is a time of intense heat, humidity and mosquitoes. But for many people this last stretch of summer holds an even more ominous undertone.

Lurking on the horizon are the three words everyone has dreaded since the first September they learned the alphabet song, the nutritional value of crayons and the joy of snack time – back to school. […]

Standing on the precipice of big time

While all students at the College are, of course, driven, motivated and intelligent, choosing a career is not always easy. And not everyone has it all figured out just yet. Four students tell their stories of sucess, future plans and job possibilities.

Helping the Nursing Shortage

As a child, a hospital full of doctors and needles can seem intimidating and overbearing. […]

Bright orange shirts express need for sweat-free clothing

April 29, 2003 Teresa Rivas 0

In an effort to raise awareness on campus about sweatshop abuses, an information table staffed by volunteers was set up in the in the student center all day last Thursday for Sweat-Free Day.

The table, borrowed from the Progressive Student Alliance (PSA), held information about companies who use sweatshops, sweatshop abuses, Web sites and things people on campus can do to help. […]

Professor gets personal — organ donor saved his life

April 29, 2003 Angela 0

With April being Donation Awareness Month, Marvin Kurland, a professor of electrical engineering, presented an Organ Donor Program in the Science Complex on Wednesday.

“There is an excess of 80,000 people waiting for a transplant,” Kurland said. “Twenty people a day die waiting. […]

Activism project turns into day-long festival of feminism

April 29, 2003 Ashley Marty 0

A project for a Women and Gender Studies class turned into a campuswide program last Wednesday, with the all-day program, Fem Fest. Discussions and workshops were held throughout the day in Forcina Hall while information tables were set up in the Brower Student Center to inform and educate students about feminist issues. […]

Supporting the Troops

April 22, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

Whether or not people are in support of the war, one wartime aspect is usually agreed upon: support our troops.

For most people, the troops are a far-off entity who are “protecting our homeland” and “fighting for freedom.”

This is not the case for two students at the College, Alison Litvack and Jen Nemmers. […]

Tie a yellow ribbon ’round the campus for me

April 22, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

Yellow Ribbons are being tied all over lampposts outside the student center as well as on students’ jackets and residence hall room doors. Yet, there is more to the ribbon than meets the eye.

Yellow Ribbon Wearers

On the gray peacoat that she wears every day, Christine Brower, sophomore elementary education and psychology major, displays a yellow ribbon made from thin, ribbed material usually used for decorative gift-wrapping. […]

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