Classic Signals: State funds fail to support maintenance

November 26, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

In a May 1981 issue of The Signal, a reporter began a two-part investigation on why the College wasn’t receiving ample funds to fix electrical and plumbing issues, as well as other maintenance projects. It seems that this low funding boiled down to the state’s refusal to prioritize higher education.


Classic Signals: Student represents TSC in beauty contest

November 12, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

In the 1960s, it was commonplace for collegiate women to participate in beauty contests, and many were oblivious to the sexism behind the pageant ranking process. In 1962, sophomore Karen Marcason was chosen as the College’s representative for Glamour Magazine’s “Best Dressed Girl on Campus” contest. Participants were judged by a variety of criteria, which included having a “good figure,” “beautiful posture,” and an “appropriate —- not rah-rah — look for off-campus occasions.” The article specifies that if Marcason wanted to win the competition, it was of the utmost importance that she maintained “shining” hair that was “not just neat but impeccable.” […]

Classic Signals: Presidents push for progress

October 29, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

For some, homecoming is a time of nostalgia — some alumni come to reflect on their time at the school they once knew as Trenton State College, while others reconnect with old friends. This fall’s Homecoming Spirit Week was an opportunity for the campus community to reunite with alumni, showcase school spirit and get to know our new president, Kathryn Foster. […]

Classic Signals: Students react to pro-life protest

October 9, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

TCNJ Students for Life planted blue and pink flags across green lawn last April in a displayed titled The Graveyard of Innocents. Each flag represented 10 fetuses that had been aborted in New Jersey in the past month. This display caused an uproar among pro-choice students, who decided to vandalize the display and post a video of the vandalization on social media. […]

Classic Signals: College cracks down on smoking

September 18, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

In October of 1993, the College established a smoking policy that was considered strict for its time. The policy banned smoking throughout campus except for designated areas and dorm rooms, given that the residents had had their roommate’s permission to smoke and that the door was closed. […]

Classic Signals: Robbers threaten student with hook knife

September 3, 2018 Emmy Liederman 0

For many students at the College, safety does not seem to be a concern — students feel comfortable roaming the campus alone at any time and even sometimes leave their dorm rooms unlocked. But in February of 1980, a Travers resident was held at knifepoint, robbed and physically abused by two men after declining to give them marijuana. […]

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