Funival planning

April 1, 2014 Sydney Shaw 0

Student Government President Tyler Liberty announced at the general body meeting on Wednesday, March 26, that Funival planning is in the works. […]

Students triumph over Deans in debate

October 15, 2013 Gabrielle Beacken 0

Students and deans discussed whether American colleges and universities should be prohibited from instituting satellite campuses in countries that do not respect freedom of speech during a special “Debate the Deans” event that took place Wednesday, Oct. 9 in the Library Auditorium

Homecoming to change for all students

September 24, 2013 Natalie Kouba 4

Representatives from the office of Alumni Affairs, Lisa McCarthy and John Castaldo, presented Homecoming updates to the Student Government general body at the meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Students attending the upcoming Homecoming event, which […]

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