April 5, 2020

Senior Week funding approved

March 18, 2003 Catherine E. Galioto 0

Nearly 100 percent of funds requested this week were granted, in a change of pace from previous weeks when the board cut proposals by more than half.

Members unanimously voted to give the Student Government Association (SGA) $39,390 to help fund Senior Week, a three-day celebration that follows graduation and is open to the senior class. […]

College students phone parents for funding

March 18, 2003 Candice Huber 0

Undergraduate student callers are contacting parents of the College’s current students asking for monetary donations in order to accommodate the possible budget cut recently proposed by Gov. James E. McGreevey.

Students usually call alumni in order to provide updates about the school and upcoming events and to ask for donations. […]

Ewing residents worry about plant’s future

March 18, 2003 Mike Franco 0

Ewing residents are concerned about what the future may hold for the General Motors plant that closed several years ago.

Freshmen, under the direction of sociology professor Matthew Lawson, are knocking on doors and conducting a survey to allow the residents’ voices to be heard. […]

Computer glitch leaves some students angry, hungry

March 18, 2003 Signal Staff 0

Many students were surprised when they were unable to use their meal plans after returning from Spring Break, due to a problem with the registers.

“We discovered the ‘Closed for the Holiday’ issue shortly after the Marketplace Convenience Store opened at noon,” Steven Hugg, director of marketing for Sodexho, the College’s food service provider, said. […]

?Adios, language gen-eds?

March 18, 2003 Megan Willman 0

The College’s modern language requirement may be eliminated as the institution revises its academic transformation pending the Committee of Academic Planning’s (CAP) reaction to a student-composed proposal.

The Student Government Association (SGA) held a workshop to research the students’ thoughts regarding a new academic plan. […]

Cop Shop

March 4, 2003 Heather Altz 0

Campus Police was dispatched to the Brower Student Center to investigate a report of theft on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 4:15 p.m.

Upon arrival, Campus Police spoke with the manager who informed them that person(s) unknown entered the student center and removed a brown industrial 4×8 foot rug from the west entryway. […]

Conference participation limited

March 4, 2003 Catherine E. Galioto 0

While SFB waffled on how many participants of Union Latina should be sent to a conference, the motion to send eight people for $6,752 won out 11-3-0.

After debating how many students may reasonably attend the same conference, SFB approved $6,732 to help send eight participants to a week-long race and ethnicity seminar. […]

Wellness Expo promotes balance in life on campus

March 4, 2003 Kelly Meisberger 0

The Web site of the Center for Campus Wellness’ defines wellness as “reaching for optimal well being of mind-body-spirit through attaining balance in life.”

This theme was promoted during the seventh annual Wellness Expo, which was held in the Brower Student Center on Wed., Feb. 25. […]

Holman Cart renovation includes larger food selection

March 4, 2003 Lauren Hoffman 0

Many students are responding well to renovations that have been made to improve the Holman food cart.

The cart was formerly just one table offering limited varieties of snacks. However, during winter break, changes were made to accommodate more space, and the food selection was expanded. […]

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