Wellness Expo promotes balance in life on campus

March 4, 2003 Kelly Meisberger 0

The Web site of the Center for Campus Wellness’ defines wellness as “reaching for optimal well being of mind-body-spirit through attaining balance in life.”

This theme was promoted during the seventh annual Wellness Expo, which was held in the Brower Student Center on Wed., Feb. 25. […]

Holman Cart renovation includes larger food selection

March 4, 2003 Lauren Hoffman 0

Many students are responding well to renovations that have been made to improve the Holman food cart.

The cart was formerly just one table offering limited varieties of snacks. However, during winter break, changes were made to accommodate more space, and the food selection was expanded. […]

Students request more library hours on weekends

March 4, 2003 Tracy Esposito 0

Recent student complaints have revealed dissatisfaction with the Roscoe L. West Library hours.

Students argue that the library’s 6:00 p.m. Saturday closing time is too early because Saturday night is a prime time for study.

The library is open a total of 98 hours weekly. […]

Filmmaker documents history of communist trials

March 4, 2003 Samantha Atzeni 0

In honor of Women’s History Month, the history department and the Women and Gender Studies department, hosted documentary filmmaker Zuzana Justman.

Justman showed her film “A Trial in Prague” and answered questions from the audience. Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL), Women and Gender Studies and the Gender Nation Democracy Program supported the presentation. […]

SGA passes bill to revise the College’s registration policy

February 25, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

An uncommon emotional moment occurred for SGA on Wednesday as Marco Zelaya, vice president of legal and governmental affairs, surprised members by announcing his resignation from his position for personal reasons.

Delivering a heartfelt speech to fellow members, Zelaya recalled memories and achievements he had in his time spent with SGA. […]

The Loop offers transportation to off-campus merchants

February 25, 2003 Kelly Meisberger 0

The Student Finance Board (SFB) implemented The Loop, a bus service paid for by the Student Activities Fee. It is available to bring students to a number of different dining and shopping venues in Ewing and West Trenton starting on Feb. 18.

The Loop travels to the 7-11, Halo Farms, Blockbuster, The Dollar Store, The International House of Pancakes and Dunkin’ Donuts and picks up students every half hour in front of the Brower Student Center. […]

College paying big bucks for recent big-name speakers

February 25, 2003 Mike Shelichach 0

, and the Multi-Cultural Lecture Series spent almost all of its $15,000 budget on speakers this year.

The speakers included author and political theorist Benjamin Barber, who spoke at the College last semester and Naomi Tutu, program coordinator for the Race Relations Institute at Fisk University, who will be speaking at the College in March. […]

Drivers can appeal lot 8 tickets after changes in policy

February 25, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

Students have been receiving tickets in Lots 8 and 9 due to confusion about weekend parking policies.

“In Lot 8, faculty and staff parking becomes visitor parking on the weekend,” Kathleen Ragan, director of student financial assistance, said.

According to Ragan, students with decals for other lots are not allowed to park in these spaces. […]

Blizzard causes 2-day cable interruption on campus

February 25, 2003 Jeanine Skowronski 0

The President’s Day Blizzard interrupted cable services at the College from Monday, Feb. 17 to mid-morning Wednesday, Feb. 19. Many students were angered by the amount of time it took for the cable to be repaired.

“I was pissed off,” Nicole Kukawski, freshman secondary education English major, said. […]

Snow inconveniences student commuters, diners

February 25, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

As last weekend’s blizzard paralyzed much of the mid-Atlantic region of the country, the College experienced difficulties with cars being left in designated snow emergency lots.

Approximately 40 vehicles parked in Lots 3, 4, 5 and 8 were not moved, according to Campus Police. […]

Blizzard shuts down campus dining halls

February 25, 2003 Jeanine Skowronski 0

The President’s Day Blizzard closed down two of the College’s four main dining halls last Monday.

Due to the State-of-Emergency, only Eickhoff Hall, which was closed from 3:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m., was opened to students.

“In instances, such as (the blizzard), our Number One commitment is to get Eickhoff up and running,” Joe Ganci, resident district manager for Sodexho, the College’s food service provider, said. […]

Cop Shop

February 25, 2003 Heather Altz 0

Campus Police took a report of assault and harassment that had occurred on Feb. 13 to a student of the College by his ex-girlfriend.

The student said that the incident started at approximately 8:15 a.m. that morning, when he contacted a friend that was staying with him and she informed him that his ex-girlfriend was in his room watching her. […]

Economy limits on-campus recruiting

February 18, 2003 Mary Meluso 0

The job market is changing in many fields.

Unfortunately, according to Ceceilia O’Callaghan, director of the office of Career Services, current students, as well as people in the workforce for many years, are looking at a much narrower job market in fields like business, engineering, computer science and communications. […]

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