Isabel causes College blackout

September 23, 2003 Kristina Fiore 0

For 11 hours last Friday, a blackout impaired students’ ability to do work, go to class and eventually led to the evacuation of some residence halls.

According to Joe Sullivan, director of facilities, a large tree fell across the main electric line that feeds the campus at 9:30 a. […]

Students confused by reorganization

September 23, 2003 copress 0

Students involved in campus activities and clubs had a surprise waiting for them when they returned to the College after summer break.

Over the summer, the College began to reorganize the Student Life Office, which meant new advisors, new staff members and new offices for student organizations to report to. […]

SGA applauds administration-student communication

September 23, 2003 Liz Goldstein 0

Communication between students and administrators regarding the reorganization of the office of Student Life seems to be improving, according to SGA President Christina Puglia.

During the SGA meeting last Wednesday, Puglia said that there is a great improvement since the first meeting held on Sept. […]

VOX, men’s soccer request new budgets

September 23, 2003 Donna Kardos 0

Two organizations, Vox and Men’s Club Soccer, requested new club budgets from SFB although they had received previous budgets.

Neither organization requested funding last year.

Vox, the Voice of Planned Parenthood, received full funding, $771, with a vote of 7-0-6. […]

Faulty air units are not cool

September 23, 2003 Audrey Levine 0

Many air conditioners in New Residence Hall (New Res.) haven’t been working since the beginning of the semester.

According to Joe Sullivan, director of facilities, there are several problems, such as clogged filters.

In some rooms, the valance system, the pipe that pumps the chilled water, leaks. […]

Sorority gives scouts a taste of College life

September 23, 2003 Tammy Tibbetts 0

The sisters of Kappa Delta Sorority hosted an enriching day of college life for 132 local Girl Scouts to commemorate National Women’s Friendship Day on Sunday, Sept. 21.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Girl Scouts ranging from sixth to 12th grade attended classes designed to develop their practical skills. […]

Lot changes limit commuter parking

September 23, 2003 Catherine E. Galioto Tracy E 0

Parking continues to be a problem on campus, especially for commuters whose have fewer spaces due to construction.

Previously, students with Lot 6 parking decals were allowed to park in Lots 6, 6A and 6B. Resident students with Lot 9 decals were directed to park in Lot 9 and in the gravel lot between Lots 8 and 9, designated Lot 9A. […]

USA Patriot Act — A threat to personal privacy?

September 23, 2003 Lindsay Knight 0

Is it possible that the FBI has a record of every book you have checked out of the Roscoe L. West Library? Doubtful, but indeed possible, under the USA Patriot Act. This act was the topic of the Politics Forum held last Tuesday by Daryl Fair, constitutional law specialist and political science professor at the College. […]

Article causes dispute over TCNJ Magazine’s content

September 16, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

An article appearing in the summer 2003 issue of TCNJ Magazine, which is produced by the office of Alumni Affairs at the College, has raised the eyebrows of some alumni, according to editor Bruce VanDusen.

The article, entitled “The Jeremiads of John Ashcroft,” by Gary Woodward, professor of communication studies, was first delivered as a longer academic paper to a conference of the Eastern Communications Association in Washington D. […]

Puglia: The administration never asks us what we think

September 16, 2003 Michael Shelichach 0

SGA President Christina Puglia addressed Vice President for Student Life Mary-Elaine Perry’s controversial plan to reorganize the Student Life office at the first SGA meeting of the semester last Wednesday.

Last week, student organization leaders met with Puglia to decide what actions student leaders would take regarding the planned reorganization, and to investigate how other schools run their Student Life offices. […]

Cop Shop

September 16, 2003 Heather Altz 0

At 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 3, a Campus Police officer on bicycle patrol smelled marijuana coming from Decker Hall.

Upon approaching the front of the building, the officer traced the smell to a man smoking a cigarette.

When the officer ordered the man to stop, the individual removed the cigarette from his mouth and tried to hide it in his right hand. […]

CUB denied funds after budget mistake

September 16, 2003 Donna Kardos 0

The College Union Board (CUB) received $591 of its requested $3,341 for the Fall Fun Fest to be held Sept. 20.

The $591 will pay for lodging for the event’s crew.

The motion passed 7-3-2.

A motion for full funding failed with a vote of 5-6-1. […]

‘Free’ laundry an easy choice for College

September 16, 2003 Samantha Atzeni 0

The College has decided to try something new with the laundry situation this fall – no more quarters.

According to Mark Mehler, assistant director for the Office of Auxiliary Services, the switch from coin-operated machines to coinless machines is not uncommon for many colleges and universities. […]

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