SGA delays impeachment hearings

April 1, 2003 Kristen Anastos 0

In an effort to remedy the underlying race issues that have risen within the Student Government Association (SGA) since the announcement that five minority members were being impeached, President Chris Portera announced his decision to delay the trial hearings until the organization’s communication problems could be addressed. […]

Cop Shop

April 1, 2003 Heather Altz 0

The owner of a Buick Skylark, which had been parked in Lot 8, came to Campus Police on Monday, March 3 at 9:30 a.m. to report that his vehicle had been stolen.

The owner said that his son had parked the vehicle in the Lot 8 parking deck on Friday, Feb. […]

Bylaw changes pass, restrict campaigning

April 1, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

A bill amending the bylaws for the Spring 2003 SGA elections passed by a vote of 24-6-4, despite advice from Campus Life Director Wanda Anderson that SGA did not have jurisdiction for some of the regulations.

The original bill, presented by Monique Manfra, alternate student trustee, was met with disagreement and was voted down and amended twice before it was voted on again and passed. […]

SGA members impeached for attendance violations

March 25, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

Tension filled the room last Wednesday at the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting. SGA discussed the possible impeachment of five members for attendance violations.

Nadia Gorski, SGA executive vice president and acting vice president of legal and governmental affairs, presented five bills of legislation “to impeach and move to impeachment trial” of five SGA members. […]

Cop Shop

March 25, 2003 Heather Altz 0

Campus Police observed two white males falling and staggering while crossing over C St. onto J St. at 1:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

Campus Police pulled onto J St. and approached the two men. Upon confronting them, they noticed a strong odor of alcohol emanating from them. […]

Budget approved in emergency meeting

March 25, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

SGA held an emergency meeting Thursday night after the Student Finance Board (SFB)’s 2003-04 budget request approval was tabled at its meeting Wednesday.

Due to the lengthy discussions surrounding SGA impeachments, SFB members were unable to start their presentation until nearly the end of the normal Wednesday meeting. […]

Irish American Club celebrate a week of St. Patrick’s Day

March 25, 2003 Catherine E. Galioto 0

The Irish-American Club’s weeklong observance of St. Patrick’s Day was both a serious study of Irish culture and a light-hearted celebration of it, club officers said.

Beginning March 17 with a lecture on Irish stereotypes and ending Thursday with a performance from an Irish-American modern rock band, the week provided some well-rounded programming, Robert Hedden, president of the Irish American Club, said. […]

Web advancements: The future of communications

March 25, 2003 Sarah McKinsey 0

Joseph Pelton, Director of the Space and Advanced Communications Research Institute at George Washington University and the Director of the Arthur C. Clark Institute, offered many ideas about the future of communications.

When he spoke on Thursday night in the student center, he offered solutions to the demands of consumers for better and cheaper ways of communicating. […]

Prague trip puts war in perspective for students

March 25, 2003 Tom Vourtsis 0

Members of the College’s women’s and gender studies program and visiting scholars spoke to a crowd of students at “Gender, Nation, Democracy: A Symposium” in the Business Building Lounge Thursday. The symposium was composed of two sessions and a keynote address. […]

College proposes elimination of honors program

March 25, 2003 Raj Rajaraman 0

The Task Force on Positioning proposed eliminating the honors program among other ways to move the College forward.

The Task Force met with Lipman Hearne Integrated Marketing, whose recommendations were weighed when the Task Force wrote its positioning platform and rationale. […]

Computer glitch leaves some students angry, hungry

March 18, 2003 Signal Staff 0

Many students were surprised when they were unable to use their meal plans after returning from Spring Break, due to a problem with the registers.

“We discovered the ‘Closed for the Holiday’ issue shortly after the Marketplace Convenience Store opened at noon,” Steven Hugg, director of marketing for Sodexho, the College’s food service provider, said. […]

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