Formal proceeds will no longer go to charity

November 18, 2003 Donna Kardos 0

The Formal Committee’s ticket price request of $30 failed, and later passed 9-1-3 with the stipulation that $1.21 from each ticket would not be donated to the Sunshine Foundation, as originally planned.

The formal will be held at King’s Caterer’s in Bristol, Pa. […]

Carte Blanche promises better value, nutrition

November 18, 2003 Audrey Levine 0

Sodexho sampled its Carte Blanche program in Eickhoff Dining Hall last week. The program offers better values and choices, according to Seve Hugg, district marketing specialist for Sodexho. It’s also easier because student do not have to montior their accounts, he added. […]

Vox workshop examines STD prevention

November 18, 2003 Sean Marotta 0

Vox, the Voice of Planned Parenthood, held a women’s sexual health workshop in Eickhoff Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 12. The workshop drew a small crowd of nine, all but one were women.

In addition to promoting sexual health and awareness, Vox attempts to stay current on legislative and political issues relating to sexual health and share the information with the campus community. […]

Anonymous vandal reimburses residents for Eickhoff damages

November 18, 2003 Christine Klima 0

About a dozen drawings of male genitalia were drawn with permanent marker and a Vaseline-like substance on wall, doors, door tags and dry erase boards in Eickhoff Hall on morning of Sunday, Nov. 2. Directly following the incident, the guilty party(ies) annonymously left one dollar bills under resident’s doors to repay them for the damages. […]

SGA recruits associate members

November 18, 2003 Meghan Condran 0

The Student Government Association (SGA) held three interest sessions from Nov. 10 through 13 to inform students about how to become associate members.

An associate member is a non-elected member that must apply, sign a contract of agreement and be approved by the SGA executive board. […]

Res. Life positions available

November 18, 2003 Maggie Murphy 0

Applications are due Dec. 1 for student staff positions in Residence Life (Res Life). Positions, including Community Advisor (CA), Community Coordinator (CC), House Assistant (HA) or Student Manager in Residence (SMR).

Students need a cumulative GPA of 2. […]

Students respond to recent hate acts

November 11, 2003 Keri Adams 0

In light of recent hate incidents on campus, the Progressive Student Alliance (PSA) held a forum on hate speech last Thursday.

Matt Richman, sophomore history major, moderated the discussion, and opened by saying that PSA wants students to “come out and talk about things that have happened on campus that demean or marginalize a group of people. […]

Amount, quality of early decision applicants increases

November 11, 2003 Nicole Levins 0

Applying to the College through early decision is a popular choice for some of New Jersey’s best students.

“As of right now, we are seeing an increase in early decision applicants,” Lisa Angeloni, dean of Admissions, said. Though an exact number is not yet available now, the number of applicants tends to increase each year, and the quality of students. […]

To prep or not to prep, that is the question

November 11, 2003 John Kell 0

While many retail stores are beginning to make an effort to bounce back from several seasons of poor sales, the back-to-school line at stores such as American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch have suffered especially.

Same-store sales for 2003 are down 6. […]

Withdrawal insurance guarantees tuition refunds

November 11, 2003 Laura Dey 0

Attending college today can prove to be a substantial financial burden. Thousands of dollars go toward what is probably one of life’s biggest financial investments.

If an unfortunate event takes place, such as an illness or an injury, and a student is no longer able to attend college for the semester, then the voluntary withdrawal insurance plan offered by the College could be the student’s new best friend. […]

Senator questions loan surcharges

November 11, 2003 Mike Shelicach 0

Senator of Business Brian Mulvihill introduced a resolution at Wednesday’s SGA meeting requiring the Office of Student Accounts to provide an explaination for a surcharge imposed on recipients of Federal Family Education Loans every semester since last fall. […]

Queer Eye’s Carson to speak at College

November 11, 2003 Donna Kardos 0

The Student Finance Board approved the College Union Board’s (CUB) ticket price request – $5 for Carson Kressley of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” to come to the College.

Kressley’s worldwide college debut will take place on Nov. 22 in Kendall Hall at 8 p. […]

College delays reorganization, waits for staff input

November 11, 2003 Audrey Levine 0

Even though the reorganization of the Student Life Office was to be completed in October, College President R. Barbara Gitenstein said the plan will be to address staff and student input.

According to Mary-Elaine Perry, vice president for Student Life, the plan should be implemented in January, after staff members assume their new positions during winter break. […]

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