Anti-war protesters: extreme or necessary?

September 26, 2007 Todd Stoner 0

I was arrested at the foot of the Capitol Building on Sept. 15 in an act of civil disobedience as a result of my participation in a protest to end the war in Iraq. Consequently, I keep getting asked, “Why did you cross the police barricade?” My actions were entirely symbolic. […]

The corrupt, the elite, and the powerful

November 8, 2006 Todd Stoner 0

Thirty-seven years ago, 2 million people protested against the illegal and unjust Vietnam War. They marched in what was the largest demonstration in the history of the United States because they had been lied to. Their government, which most grew up with great faith in, had deceived them into a war that was taking the lives of thousands of their young friends and millions of innocent people they knew nothing of. […]