College counters racial intolerance

January 30, 2019 Nicole Viviano 0

In light of the recent racial incidents that have occurred on campus, the administration has addressed feedback and questions from the community regarding what actions will be taken to better manage any future instances of racism and discrimination. […]

College mourns loss of former Sodexo employee

December 22, 2018 Nicole Viviano 0

Yvette “Eve” Cruz, a dearly remembered employee, has died at age 44 on Dec 14. While the cause of death remains unconfirmed, the former Sodexo cashier at Eickhoff Hall was known by members of the campus community as “the boss of all bosses.”    […]

Veterans assess ‘Star Wars” portrayal of battle

November 1, 2018 Nicole Viviano 0

A panel of three U.S. veterans and one active lieutenant colonel sat and discussed the differences between war in reality versus dramatized war depicted on the silver screen on Oct. 19 in the Library Auditorium on a panel sponsored by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College’s honors program.   […]