Ticket-tape parade starts new semester

September 27, 2006 Nicole Gough 0

Back to school is usually associated with shelling out cash for school supplies and fall shopping. This fall, students at the College found something else to spend their money on – parking tickets.

Although parking tickets are common at any time of the year, Campus Police say that there is an increase in the beginning of every school year. […]

‘Dover trial’ expert witness speaks on evolution

April 19, 2006 Nicole Gough 0

Brian Alters, who defends teaching the theory of evolution, began his presentation on evolution and intelligent design last Wednesday with a warning: some of his discussion would be controversial and he did not mean to offend anyone.

Alters was one of the six expert witnesses for the plaintiffs in the landmark Intelligent Design (ID) trial held last year, as well as the author of many books, including “Defending Evolution in the Classroom,” and the director of the Evolution Education Research Centre. […]

College begins online mentoring

March 22, 2006 Nicole Gough 0

All teachers in New Jersey are required to have a mentor during their first year in the classroom. Some elementary education majors at the College are already working with mentors, but not in the traditional face-to-face manner. Instead, they interact with them through the Internet. […]