May 30, 2020

These Warriors just won’t stop winning

November 17, 2015 Matthew Ajaj 0

By Matthew Ajaj Staff Writer Through the initial weeks of the 2015-16 National Basketball Association (NBA) season, one indisputable fact prevails — Stephen Curry is a very good basketball player. Averaging over 30 points per […]

Tackling domestic violence in the NFL

November 10, 2015 Matthew Ajaj 0

By Matthew Ajaj Staff Writer In May of 2014, then-Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy mercilessly assaulted his girlfriend, Nicole Holder, through a horrifying sequence of events. These included dragging her by the hair, throwing […]

Sacrifice bunting for better baseball

November 3, 2015 Matthew Ajaj 0

Bunting is and has been a baseball tradition. It is not a difficult concept to grasp: stick bat out, ball hit bat. Of course, bunting aficionados are always inclined to inform listening ears of every little intricacy of the bunt. Some even call bunting an art form and will defend it to the death. After witnessing some miserable bunting in the 2015 World Series — baseball’s greatest stage, the time is nigh to discuss the futility of some of these boondoggling bunts — at least the sacrifice bunts. […]

Giants hold out hope despite tough losses

September 29, 2015 Matthew Ajaj 0

Two double-digit fourth quarter leads resulting in two losses is not a good way to start a season. In fact, never before had an NFL team accomplished such a miserable feat until just a few weeks ago when the New York Giants imploded for a double dosage of defeats. In Week One, the Giants held a 23-20 lead with the ball on the Dallas Cowboys’ four-yard line with under two minutes to play — they lost. In Week Two, the Giants held a 20-10 lead late in the third quarter with the ball in the Atlanta Falcons’ red zone — they lost. Mismanaged clocks, leaky late-game defense, questionable quarterbacking and crucial dropped passes were the story of both collapses. […]

Alex Rodriguez: Hero or villain?

September 15, 2015 Matthew Ajaj 0

The New York fans that pack Yankee Stadium must be crazy to pay five dollars for a water bottle, but perhaps even more outrageous is their newfound adoration for the notorious Alex Rodriguez. In fact, A-Rod routinely receives the loudest ovation of any player on the New York roster. It is a stunning contrast from just two years ago, when Yankee fans bombarded their third baseman with heckles and boos each time he emerged from the dugout. […]