Study shows benefits of FieldTurf

April 11, 2007 Matt Hammond 0

Experts in the field of athletic training have waited for conclusive data confirming or falsifying claims that FieldTurf, the synthetic grassy surface that covers the College’s soccer complex, is easier on the battered bodies of athletes.

To those who have been waiting, the answers have arrived. […]

Dorms, housing lottery need to be reformed

April 4, 2007 Matt Hammond 0

Here at the College, picking rooms has caused a hysteria that has literally taken over any and all campus discussions. It seems like every conversation since the Housing Lottery has involved “New Res or Decker?” or “I can’t believe I have to live in Centennial. […]

Coma patient recalls story of triumph

March 21, 2007 Matt Hammond 0

For students here at the College, 14-plus years of formal education have well acquainted them with the idea of a motivational speaker or a similar source of credible information.

Most of the College’s athletic teams, fraternities and sororities were asked to meet in Brower Student Center on March 5 to hear what had originally seemed like a speaker that would enlighten them on the dangers of drunk driving. […]

Mayer shows he’s still got it

March 7, 2007 Matt Hammond 0

Seven years into his career, recording artist John Mayer, 28, should know by now that he’s going to be held accountable for his actions.

Knocking the socks off his fans so often just isn’t polite.

Aside from his jaw-dropping guitar prowess, Mayer left the stage after about 45 minutes into last Wednesday’s Madison Square Garden performance, reappearing moments later on a small platform wheeled out in the middle of the floor-seating section. […]