May 26, 2020

Mirrors places on signs to reflect diverse student body

December 8, 2004 Matt Egan 0

An unknown person tried to make a statement about race at the College when he or she recently glued small circular mirrors over the faces of students on the newly re-rendered signs outside the construction site for the new library.

After about a week, however, the mirrors were removed from the sign. […]

Library sign altered to reflect racial diversity

November 10, 2004 Matt Egan 0

Last summer, Chanis Brown, freshman open options major in the school of music, walked by the library construction site on campus everyday and noticed the sign that features an artist’s rendition of the new library failed to include any minority students.

Last July, Brown brought the problem to the attention of a guest speaker in her Race, Class and Gender course taught by Professor Jan Nielsen. […]

SGA problems defer black books

October 28, 2003 Matt Egan 0

Due to leadership problems, the Student Government Association’s (SGA) phone directory is not expected to reach students for another month.

According to SGA President Christina Puglia, normal procedure calls for the SGA president to put together the directory, called “The Little Black Book,” over the summer and for it to reach students by the second week of the semester. […]