May 26, 2020

Media reports from Iraq lack quality

February 15, 2006 Kimberly Gray 0

The mainstream media in Iraq is fooling itself into believing that it is doing the public good. The reports from rooftops and hotel rooms in Baghdad do not portray the real Iraq, nor do they report the truth. The reporters are so far removed from the conflict that what they report is little more than what they can piece together or steal from military personnel and independent field journalists. […]

SFB revokes UL allocation of $9,857

April 13, 2005 Kimberly Gray 0

The Student Finance Board (SFB) returned the $9,857 allocated to Uni?n Latina (UL) on March 16 for the Nina Sky performance back into the SFB account at its meeting last week.

UL had been granted the money for Nina Sky to perform at the College’s “Night at Kendall” variety program April 8. […]

Panel discusses ‘pipeline’ at Women in Politics forum

March 30, 2005 Kimberly Gray 0

Dismal statistics on the number of women in politics took center stage last week as the women’s and gender studies department invited three prominent women in politics to discuss politics in New Jersey and encourage students to become involved.

The speakers were alumnus Kelly Baden of Planned Parenthood Association of Bucks County, Sarah Brewer of Women & Politics Institute and Susan Markham of EMILY’s List, both of Washington, D. […]

Alumna honored for adding flair to Food Court

January 26, 2005 Kimberly Gray 0

Adding color and an artsy visual with a culinary theme to the Brower Student Center Food Court, Kim Lettorale, a 2004 graduate of the College, was honored on Jan. 18 with the dedication of the fa?ade she designed for the Food Court.

The project was completed as a component of assistant professor of art Fanky Chak’s graphic design practicum, given as a four-week assignment to the senior class. […]

Anderson, Cruz appointed to Academic Services

December 1, 2004 Kimberly Gray 0

The College recently appointed Wanda Anderson and Ivonne Cruz as new members to the expanding Academic Services office, which will include the Center for Academic Success (CAS).

The new office will be comprised of CAS, the Equal Opportunity Fund program (EOF) and the Academic and Career Enhancement program (ACE). […]

College begins countdown to 150-year celebration

February 11, 2004 Kimberly Gray 0

On Monday, Feb. 9, at 12:30 p.m. the College kicked off its countdown to the sesquicentennial celebration by unveiling the official clock that will count the seconds until Sept. 8, the official start of the sesquicentennial year.

The clock is located outside the Brower Student Center in the trophy case facing Packer Hall and the interior of campus. […]