Is Saudi Arabia modern?

April 22, 2009 Kerry Fiallo 0

Toby Jones, professor of Middle Eastern history at Rutgers University, lectured about the assumptions of culture, religion and government of Saudi Arabia last Thursday in the Social Sciences Building.

Jones’ presentation, the second-to-last lecture in the College’s politics forum series, was titled “Has Saudi Arabia Ever Been Modern?” a title that Jones claims to be “problematic. […]

‘Budget Cruncher’ details Trenton, Philadelphia financial crisis

April 15, 2009 Kerry Fiallo 0

The reality of the global finance crisis was brought home on March 7 when Scott Pinkelman, a member of the Philadelphia Budget Crunchers, explained how Trenton and Philadelphia mirror greater economic problems. Philadelphia Budget Crunchers is an organization dedicated to educating people on the financial crisis with multimedia workshops, according to its Web site. […]

Alumnus: Sept. 11 changed world’s view of United States

April 1, 2009 Kerry Fiallo 0

Alumnus Yassin El-Ayouty, current president of Sunsglow and professor of Islamic Law at Fordham University, said he has seen the United States lose international sway in the wake of Sept. 11 during a lecture on March 24.

“Due to my extensive travel and work in international law, I have seen that under (former President George W. […]

Board of Trustees names new student apartments

March 4, 2009 Kerry Fiallo 0

A resolution to name the new student apartments was officially passed at the Board of Trustees meeting last Tuesday.

The apartments, scheduled to open for the next academic year, will be officially named William Phelps Hall and William Hausdoerffer Hall. […]

Art and IMM Building, apartments on budget

February 4, 2009 Kerry Fiallo 0

The construction of the Metzger Drive apartments and the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building (Art and IMM Building) are still on schedule for opening in the next academic year, according to Campus Construction.

“The apartments are on schedule and the Art and IMM Building, as you can see, is coming up out of the ground now,” William Rudeau, director of Campus Construction, said. […]

Feminist role model dispenses advice

October 29, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

Liz Abzug, professor of urban studies at Barnard College Columbia University and daughter of congresswoman and feminist icon Bella Abzug, led a discussion on women and the current political scene during Oct. 22’s Women and the Legislative Process class.

Abzug compared the media’s treatment of Sen. […]

Professor argues for changing drug-free school zone laws

October 8, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

New Jersey’s drug-free school zone mandates and their consequences were explored by Bruce Stout, associate professor of criminology, on Oct. 1.

His presentation was titled, “Report on New Jersey’s Drug-Free Zone Crimes and Proposal for Reform” and was created by the New Jersey Commission to Review Criminal Sentencing, of which Stout is a public member. […]

Professor ponders new constitution

September 24, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

In celebration of Constitution Day, Daryl Fair, professor of political science, questioned whether a new constitution is necessary last Wednesday in the Library Auditorium.

Sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA), the lecture was titled “Do We Need a New Constitution?”

Fair started the discussion by asking the audience: “What parts of the Constitution bug you? What needs to be changed?”

Examples brought up by the audience included the Electoral College, the right to bear arms and the lack of the Equal Rights Amendment, among others. […]

College remembers 9/11

September 17, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

Faculty, staff and students crowded into Brower Student Center last Thursday to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

The ceremony, run by the Student Government Association (SGA), included speeches by SGA Executive President Dan Scapardine, College President R. […]

Priest doubts accuracy of creationism

September 10, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

George Coyne, an ordained Catholic priest and renowned astronomer, discussed intelligent design and evolution at a lecture Sept. 4 in the Mildred and Ernest E. Mayo Concert Hall.

“Evolution and Intelligent Design: Who Needs God?” explored the disparity between religion and science. […]

Bob Barr: Gun ownership a freedom under Bill of Rights

April 30, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr spoke at the College last week regarding the Second Amendment and the importance of the Bill of Rights to the freedom of American citizens.

Barr, who is currently seeking the Libertarian nomination for president, was brought by the College Republicans. […]

V-Tech remembered one year later

April 23, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

Students at the College participated in a “lie-in” last Wednesday to memorialize the 32 lives lost one year ago during the shooting spree at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

“As we are lying down, we will be standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, the victims of easy guns,” Carole Stiller, president of the New Jersey and Mercer County Million Mom March, said, referring to the ease with which guns may be purchased. […]

College and local students team up to ‘kick butts’

April 9, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

Rebel U at the College, local high schools and other colleges collaborated to kick off “Project 1200,” an anti-smoking demonstration, at the College last week, according to Ermal Bojdani, Rebel U president.

“I . along with other representatives from other colleges, decided to implement Project 1200 in order to educate our community members about the dangers of tobacco use,” Bojdani said. […]

Fall break calendar to resolve scheduling conflicts

March 19, 2008 Kerry Fiallo 0

The rescheduling of Fall break for the academic year 2008-2009 was “the answer to this year’s quandary” regarding the clash between Fall break, Family Day and Homecoming at the College, Patrice Coleman-Boatwright, associate vice president for Public Affairs, said. […]

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