Tumblr. blog knows whats ‘’

September 29, 2010 Katie Brenzel 0

It’s easy to distract yourself at a computer. Facebook, e-mail, MySpace,, or one of the several free blogging forums available — whatever the technological vice— it inevitably eats up the precious time you […]

Daria: Supreme ’90s queen of sarcasm

September 16, 2010 Katie Brenzel 0

Emerging from occasional appearances on MTV’s former ’90s show starring the idiotic duo, Daria Morgendorffer was granted her own show, transcending the “Diarrhea, cha cha cha” jingle that Beavis and Butthead tended to sing with […]

EMS finds supervisor, service saved

September 1, 2010 Katie Brenzel 0

Lions’ Emergency Medical Services (EMS) returns to campus for its 12th year of service, after nearly shutting down last semester. Scott Sferra, billing manager for Student Financial Services, will serve as the organization’s new supervisor. […]

College takes action against DC++

April 27, 2010 Katie Brenzel 0

It’s easy. Endless movies, music and television shows downloaded in minutes to your computer, free of charge. Problem? It’s illegal, and the College is taking action. In an e-mail to the campus community, Nadine Stern, […]

Huckabee’s comments incite controversy

April 20, 2010 Katie Brenzel 4

Former governor Mike Huckabee’s visit to the College has garnered much attention, particularly his comments regarding LGBT marriage and adoptive rights. If you read The Perspective’s coverage of the event and media interview, you know […]

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