A fine romance: college and you

February 23, 2011 Katie Brenzel 0

It’s that time of year again. Bright-eyed, accepted children wander through our campus — whether willingly or dragged by their bargain-shopping parents — following a backward-walking navigator. They will decide if this is the place […]

Found: The best bagels around

February 9, 2011 Katie Brenzel 3

After a few months of Sodexo-provided bagels, the existence of real bagels may slip from your memory, just as real pizza, macaroni and cheese and sushi are nearly forgotten out of repetition. In honor of […]

Smoothtalking landlord blues

February 2, 2011 Katie Brenzel 0

Living off-campus means introducing a new man or woman into your life — your landlord. Though stereotypes abound about the character of landlords — a balding man in a wife beater shirt, holding a broom […]

Bills, bills, bills

January 31, 2011 Katie Brenzel 0

College students are notorious for a deficient cash flow. Luckily, most schools have eliminated the physical concept of money with the ID. With a magical swipe, students — turned points billionaires — are fed and […]

Food wars: Can’t we share?

January 21, 2011 Katie Brenzel 0

Dear readers, This year I made the decision to live off-campus for the first time in my college career. As you may later infer, it’s been interesting so far. The Signal is introducing this Residential […]

ACT rages against judicial machine

November 3, 2010 Katie Brenzel 0

Before the play began, a sense of division was well established in the Don Evans Black Box Theatre. The audience was separated on both sides of the stage, preemptively initiating the theme of opposition, the […]

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