June 5, 2020

Historical accuracy: the importance of spelling

November 19, 2013 Jonathan Machlin 0

When I attended Vera Goodkin’s speech at the Education Building last week, I became very emotionally invested because I have family who shared many of the experiences she had. As such, I am extremely grateful that you were willing to give the story a mention on the front page of the latest issue of The Signal. […]

War of words waged with philosophy

November 12, 2013 Jonathan Machlin 0

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Philosophical Society and the Parliamentary Debate Society sponsored “War of the Words: When Words Collide,” an open forum on the power of concepts and phrases, on Thursday, Nov. 7.

Immigration Origins

November 6, 2013 Jonathan Machlin 0

Robert McGreevy, assistant professor of history at the College, gave the talk, “Understanding Immigration in the States,” to educate students on the differences between the concepts of migration and immigration as it relates to the history of American society on Wednesday, Oct. 30. […]