Speaker explores human rights crisis unfolding in Syria

April 18, 2017 Jennifer Goetz 0

Amnesty International hosted a Syrian Refugee Crisis Lecture on Wednesday, April 12, in which three College professors presented different aspects of the Syrian refugee crisis. The audience learned about the origin of the Syrian civil war, the devastating health implications it has had on civilians and refugees, and why this human rights crisis needs to be addressed. […]

October an ideal time to start looking for internships

October 16, 2016 Jennifer Goetz 0

October is a busy month jam-packed with midterms and events like Homecoming and fall break. As busy as this month might be, it is arguably one of the best times to start planning for the upcoming year. Am I saying that you should start your new year’s resolutions in October? Of course not, but you should start looking into internships. […]

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