Psychology graduate teaches to a different beat

October 20, 2004 Jaclyn English 0

The life of a musician has always had a certain allure: many dream about the glamour and decadence of the rock-star lifestyle. Danny Britt, a 1995 College alumnus, was not immune to these feelings – he was drawn to the drums and started playing them at age 12. […]

‘Twentysomething’ pianist bucks jazz, pop traditions

September 29, 2004 Jaclyn English 0

The obvious definition of “Twentysomething” is “a young adult in his twenties,” but the term encompasses so much more than that: a period in one’s life marked by indecision, frivolity, harmless egotism, a still incomplete world perspective, the desire to cling to youth and lack of responsibility and some serious soul-searching. […]

Gay marriage is a vital step towards equality

February 11, 2004 Jaclyn English 0

On Feb. 5, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts declared it would no longer offer “civil unions” instead of marriage for same-sex couples. This change further clarified a Nov. 18 decision that overturned Massachusetts’s opposite-sex only marriage law.

In response, according to the Boston Globe, nearly 2,000 people participated in protest rallies against the ruling. […]

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