Children’s mini-museum embraces diversity

April 26, 2006 Helen Walters 0

For future educators, an important part of teaching is dealing with diversity in the classroom. In an effort to give back to the community, students and faculty from the College opened a mini-museum on March 29 to teach children from second to sixth grade about overcoming stereotypes and accepting diversity. […]

Let’s talk about sex, baby

April 26, 2006 Helen Walters 0

“Hi, my name is ______, and I’m here for the sex.” That’s how some students introduced themselves at last Tuesday’s sex toy workshop, sponsored by Voices of Planned Parenthood (Vox) and Lambda Theta Alpha.

The workshop drew an unexpected crowd – nearly 40 students crowded into the Women’s Center to learn about sensual products and sexual stimulation. […]

Professor’s symphony study is music to the ears

April 12, 2006 Helen Walters 0

If a conductor’s heart is pounding, can the audience feel it? Teresa Nakra, assistant professor of music at the College, looks at how music affects our emotional states – and how those feelings might transfer from the conductor of a symphony orchestra to those watching in the audience. […]

English professor takes top position in Wilder Society

March 22, 2006 Helen Walters 0

Recently, the College has become home to high-profile literary events, like last semester’s Walt Whitman Symposium and Monday’s Thornton Wilder Society panel.

Formed in October 2000, the Thornton Wilder Society is dedicated to “preserving and expanding” the legacy of the novelist and playwright. […]

Alumni film gets campus, big-screen debut

March 1, 2006 Helen Walters 0

Most students don’t expect to have a feature film under their belt just a year out of college. But that’s exactly what alumnus Peter Matkiwsky did – and his original full-length feature “The Bonnie Situation” screened last Wednesday in the New Library Auditorium. […]

Intelligent design presentation heavily debated

February 22, 2006 Helen Walters 0

More than 145 people crowded into Science Complex room 101 last Wednesday, some curious, some armed for debate.

The event was a presentation on intelligent design (ID), the concept that the origin of life is better explained as the work of an intelligent designer than by the mechanisms of evolution. […]

You’re Fired! – ‘Apprentice’ comes to the College

February 8, 2006 Helen Walters 0

They weren’t facing off for a position with Donald Trump, but students at “The Lion’s Apprentice” on Tuesday were ready to do business.

Modeled after the NBC reality series “The Apprentice,” the competition involves six teams of students who will show their creativity, teamwork and leadership skills in a series of weekly challenges. […]

Black History Month

February 1, 2006 Helen Walters 0

February is Black History Month, and student organizations and departments at the College have been working hard to bring a diverse lineup of events to the campus. With topics ranging from hip-hop to Afro-Caribbean culture to the famed legacy of the Negro Baseball League, the College’s Black History Month programming aims to educate, entertain and raise cultural awareness. […]

Trenton murders hit all-time high

January 25, 2006 Helen Walters 0

With 31 homicides, 2005 was the deadliest year in Trenton’s history, up from 18 in 2004.

The rising murder rate appears to be part of a larger trend in cities in New Jersey. Out of New Jersey’s “big six” urban cities – Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Trenton and Camden – only Camden saw a decrease in 2005. […]

Fossil hunters experience life in the field

November 30, 2005 Helen Walters 0

Last month, geology professor Marty Becker and five students spent three days fossil hunting along the banks of Arkansas’ Ouachita River. They weren’t looking for dinosaur bones, but for sharks’ teeth and other fossils from a prehistoric ocean that once covered much of the United States. […]

State funds ‘alternate route’ research

November 16, 2005 Helen Walters 0

The College’s Institute for Education Design, Evaluation & Assessment (IeDEA) has been awarded two grants totaling $505,781 to assist the New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of Licensure and Credentials’ (NJDOE-OLC) research on the current status of alternate route programs in New Jersey. […]

Experience Asia brings taste of the East

November 9, 2005 Helen Walters 0

Last week, the Asian American Association (AAA) kicked off Experience Asia, a month of programs featuring speakers, movies, events and performances. The opening ceremonies, which took place Wednesday in Brower Student Center, showcased both traditional and contemporary Asian cultures through music, dance and poetry. […]

Former students provide inspiration for new Alumni director

November 2, 2005 Helen Walters 0

When Lisa McCarthy met Emma Dorre, she described the experience as “amazing.” Dorre, formerly a head teacher in Manasquan, is almost 100 years old. She also graduated from the College (then known as the Normal School) in 1925, making her one of the many memorable alumni McCarthy has met in her job as the College’s director of Alumni Affairs. […]

Exchanging one life for another

October 12, 2005 Helen Walters 0

Some American students say that studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to live in a foreign country, speak other languages and experience other cultures firsthand. For those looking to escape the everyday environment of the College, it may seem strange that some international students choose to study abroad here. […]

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